Enabling and configuring the job site cookie banner

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin
Permissions • View and edit compliance settings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Cookie acceptance banners are pop-up notifications that appear on a user's first visit to a web page.  The configuration of your job site cookie banner determines how much control visitors to your job site have over cookies placed on their device.

Enabling and configuring the job site cookie banner

To enable and configure the cookie banner for your Lever job site:

  • If you have GDPR enabled in your Lever environment...
    • Navigate to Settings > Company > Compliance
  • If you have data compliance settings enabled in your Lever environment...
    • Navigate to Settings > Data compliance > Global settings
  • Scroll to the 'Cookies' heading and move the 'Enable cookie banner' toggle to the on (blue) position

Cookie banner configuration tile

  • Select the type of cookie banner that you wish to appear on your job site
    • Opt-in: this type of of banner will asks visitors to your job site to accept or deny the deployment of non-essential cookies; visitors must accept or deny cookies in order to dismiss the banner

Opt in cookie banner

    • Informational: this type of banner discloses to visitors of your job site that the job site will deploy cookies when they use the site; the banner also contains an option to dismiss

Informational cookie banner

  • On the cookie banner configuration tile, you have the option to add a link to your organization's cookie policy, which will be hyperlinked in the banner; if you wish to do so, select the checkbox and input into the field 
    • It is not required that you add a link, however it is best practice to include one so that visitors to your job site have an accurate and specific reference as to the data your organization is tracking.
    • The URL for your organization's cookie policy must in in the format: htts://sitename.com

Frequently asked questions

Is it required that my organization enable the job site cookie banner?
This depends on your organization's data collection and retention policies. We recommend consulting your organization's legal counsel for guidance.
Does the job site cookie banner work on mobile?
Once enabled, how often will a visitor to my job site see the cookie banner?
The banner will appear to individual site visitors once per session, until they take an available action (accept/deny or dismiss depending on the banner type).
Do I have to enable GDPR in my Lever environment in order to enable the job site cookie banner?
The banner can be configured in both data compliance and GDPR compliance settings.
Can I use Lever's job site cookie banner on custom job sites?
The cookie banner is not compatible with custom-built career sites.
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