Enabling and using the Indeed Job Feed and Indeed Apply integration

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This article depicts and describes Lever's multi-location posting feature included in the Fall 2023 Product Release, scheduled to rollout progressively in November 2023. For full details, refer to our Fall 2023 Product Release Notes.

Lever's integration with Indeed Job Feed and Indeed Apply allows your team to create jobs in Lever and send them directly to Indeed via an XML feed. This ensures that your most up-to-date job content is available in their free search results, reaching over 250 million unique visitors every month and sites in over 60 countries. Indeed Apply significantly increases your team's candidate pool by providing a fast, mobile-friendly, and modern application experience directly on Indeed. On average, 50% of job seekers abandon applications that take longer than 10 minutes. The Indeed Apply integration provides a candidate-friendly application experience on Indeed — boosting applications by up to 4X.


In order to use this integration, you must have an 'Employer' account on Indeed. You will need to know your company's employer name as it appears on Indeed as well as the email address associated with your organization's Indeed Employer account in order to complete set-up of this integration.

Enabling the Indeed Job Feed and Indeed Apply integration

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API, scroll to the 'Job boards' section, and click the Indeed toggle
  • If you wish to allow candidates to apply to job postings with their Indeed resume without leaving Indeed, select the 'Enable Indeed Apply for all jobs' checkbox
    • When updating this configuration option, it can take up to 6 hours for the change to be reflected on Indeed.
    • If you leave this option un-selected, your open external job postings will still be published to Indeed when the integration is enabled. Jump to the section of this article on candidate applications for more information.
  • Enter the name of your organization as it appears on your Indeed Employer account in the 'Company Name' field; this can be found on your organization's Indeed landing page
    • Only enter one name in this field. Entering more than one name in this field can cause processing issues on Indeed. Note that this field cannot be left blank.
  • Enter the email address associated with your Indeed Employer account in the 'Email Address' field; this can be found in your Indeed account settings
    • Only enter one email address in this field. Be sure to verify that you have used the correct email address, as you will not receive a confirmation email as part of the process of enabling this integration.
  • Click the Done button

Indeed integration tile in Lever settings.


The Indeed integration cannot be enabled on a per-job basis. Once enabled, all open external postings in your LeverTRM instance will be published to Indeed.

When enabling the integration for the first time, it can take up to 30 business days for Indeed to review and approve your jobs data before the integration becomes active. Indeed's review processing time begins once your Lever account has external (i.e. public) postings with job descriptions. In most cases you will not need to take any action to verify your account, but you may be contacted by Indeed Client Services if any issues occur.

Posting jobs directly to Indeed

Once the integration has been enabled, all of your existing postings that are open and externally visible will be published on Indeed as long as they meet Indeed’s terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits. Indeed will also appear as a job board option in the posting editor when you are creating and updating job postings. The publication of new postings (and updates to existing postings) can take up to six hours to be reflected on Indeed. 

Job board section in posting editor. Indeed option is circled.

Keep in mind that Indeed will only show Lever job postings that have been configured for external distribution. Unlisted, draft, and internal-only postings are excluded from the Indeed job feed until such time that they are made externally available. To check the distribution of posting, click the posting state menu at the top of the posting editor.

Posting distribution menu in Lever posting editor. External job site option is selected.

How Indeed ingests job postings from Lever

When ingesting a posting from Lever, Indeed reads the following fields from the posting:

  • Job title
  • Location type
  • Location
  • Department/team
  • Salary range
  • Job description
  • Custom application questions

The contents of these fields will dictate the search criteria by which the posting will be discoverable on Indeed. For details on the information you can include in these fields, refer to our help article on creating job postings.

How Indeed ingests multi-location postings from Lever

If you are using Lever’s Indeed XML Integration, jobs will be published from Lever to Indeed with no additional steps. If you are not using the Lever Indeed integration, please speak with your Indeed Account rep to discuss ingestion of multi-location postings.

A multi-location job will be distributed as individual postings for each location advertised in the job. For example, if you have a multi-location job in Lever advertised in New York, New York and Austin, Texas, Indeed will distribute it as two separate jobs - one posting for each location.

When an applicant applies to either job, they’ll be redirected to your job site to apply to the same job as originally advertised.

If you use Indeed Apply (where applicants complete the application within Indeed) the applicant will be presented with the preferred location question in the application form. This preferred location question can be made mandatory or not mandatory - learn more in our help article on creating and managing multi-location postings.

Candidates applying via Indeed

If you disabled Indeed Apply when configuring the integration (see above), your open external job postings will still be sent to Indeed. Visitors to your job postings on Indeed will be routed to the application on your Lever job site. When Indeed Apply is enabled, visitors to your job postings on Indeed will be able to complete their application form directly on Indeed via the Apply Now button that appears on the job listing.

Easily Apply label

Apply Now button

Candidates applying via the Apply Now button will be prompted to submit a resume (required or optional as per your Lever Job Site settings) and respond to any custom questions that you have added to the posting in Lever.

Frames of the various stages in the application process in Indeed; resume upload, application review, and confirmation of submitted application.

When the integration is enabled, job seekers can also view your postings on the Indeed app or visit the Indeed site on their browser from their mobile devices for a seamless and mobile-friendly application experience.

Designs of Indeed mobile app on a smartphone.

Candidates that apply to job postings via Indeed will have opportunities added to the Applicant section of your pipeline. The opportunity will have an origin of 'Applied.' The primary source tag on the opportunity will be 'Indeed.' If the candidate applied via the Apply Now button, the secondary source tag 'Indeed Apply' will be added to the opportunity.  If a candidate applies to a promoted posting or via a targeted advertisement, the tags 'Indeed Sponsored' and 'Indeed Targeted Ad' will be added respectively.

Frequently asked questions

Click to reveal answers to commonly asked questions about the Indeed integration, listed below:

How long does it take for a posting to appear on Indeed?

When enabling the integration for the first time, it takes up to 30 business days for your existing postings to appear on Indeed, as Indeed verifies the content and alignment of your job feed data. Once your job feed data has been verified by Indeed, publication of new postings and updates to existing postings (including removing closed or unlisted postings) should be reflected on Indeed every six hours. If you have any questions regarding your jobs appearing on Indeed, please contact your Indeed representative for assistance.

How can I configure salary information for job postings pushed to Indeed?

You also have the option to include a salary range along with a description. You must input minimum and maximum amounts, along with currency and payment interval. Note that both LinkedIn and Indeed will not accept the salary description as part of their salary fields. If the salary description field is populated, it will be appended to the actual job description on these job boards. Using certain time intervals will prevent your posting from being pushed to job boards. LinkedIn does not support 'bi-monthly' as a salary range. Indeed does not support Semi-monthly, Bimonthly, One-time, and Biweekly. Refer to our help article on configuring salary range information for job board ingestion to learn more.

What should I do if I cannot find my job on Indeed?

If you are unable to your job on Indeed and it has been at least fifteen days since the integration has been enabled, proceed with the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Read through Indeed’s Trust and Safety Policy Guidelines to ensure your jobs are in compliance with Indeed's posting policies.
  • Log in to your Indeed account to see if you are posting your job(s) directly on Indeed. If so, you will need to close out that posting and contact your Indeed representative to ensure your jobs will begin receiving visibility through the Lever feed.
  • Within your Indeed account, there is also the option to convert your jobs coming through a previous feed to an Indeed direct posted job. In this case, you will also need to work with your Indeed representative to ensure visibility can be received through the Lever feed.

If you still cannot find your job on Indeed and/or need help navigating the above Indeed features, please reach out directly to your Indeed representative. If you do not have an Indeed representative, use the instructions on this form to contact Indeed support.

I have job listings in multiple countries/regions. Why am I only seeing some of my Lever postings appear on Indeed?

Lever sends all of your externally published postings to Indeed in a single feed file. However, Indeed’s listings are country-specific. This means that, if you have Lever postings that span countries/regions (e.g. some posting locations in the US, some in Canada), these will be accessible on separate Indeed pages. For example, your Canada-based postings would be accessible on Indeed Canada (https://ca.indeed.com/cmp/(YOURCOMPANYNAME)/jobs ), and your US-based postings would be accessible at https://www.indeed.com/cmp/(YOURCOMPANYNAME)/jobs. You can view specific region/country listings by editing the URL of the Indeed page you are viewing.

Can I push job postings from a single Lever instance to the Indeed pages of specific subsidiaries?

No. Lever sends all of your externally published postings to Indeed in a single feed file. As a result, all postings from your Lever instance can only be fed to a single Indeed page. We recommend contacting Indeed to inquire about redirecting postings coming from a single Lever instance to specific Indeed pages. Alternatively, you may consider setting up a separate Lever instance for each subsidiary.

What should I do if I am still receiving applications to my email inbox after enabling the integration?

If you already have the 'Enable Indeed Apply' feature enabled in your Indeed account prior to enabling the Indeed Apply integration in Lever, Lever's integration will be overridden and applications will continue to be routed directly to your email inbox. To fix this so that applications are routed directly to Lever, you must disable the 'Enable Indeed Apply' feature in your Indeed account. Refer to Indeed's help article on the 'Enable Indeed Apply' feature to learn more.

Can I select certain jobs to post to Indeed?

No. The job feed data that Lever sends to Indeed is required to contain all open external job postings visible on your Lever job site. For this reason, it is not possible to exclude specific open external postings from publication to Indeed when the integration is enabled.

Can I enable Indeed Apply only for specific jobs?

No. At this time, Indeed Apply is an account-level configuration option and applies to all open external job postings when enabled.

What happens if I do not select 'Enable Indeed Apply for all jobs'?

When this option is disabled, new postings and posting updates are still published to Indeed. However, candidates viewing postings on Indeed will be routed to your Lever job site when attempting to apply.

How does Indeed verify postings that have been sent via Lever's job feed?

Indeed verifies postings by comparing the job feed sent from Lever to your public Lever job site. When running this comparison, Indeed will also check to make sure that each open external posting's location as defined in Lever can be matched to a valid location on Indeed. To troubleshoot cases where a location value cannot be properly matched, we recommend referring to Indeed's guidelines on entering job location information.

Will I be able to identify applicants that come through a sponsored Indeed post?

Yes. If you have enabled Indeed Apply, the tag 'Indeed Sponsored' will be added to the associated opportunity in Lever.

Can I sponsor a posting on Indeed directly from Lever?

No, not from directly within Lever. However, after setting up the integration in Lever, you can manage sponsored postings within your Employer Dashboard on Indeed. You can learn more about Indeed's Employer Dashboard features by reaching out to your Indeed client representative or by reviewing Indeed's Employer Dashboard FAQ. The ability to sponsor postings directly from Lever is an enhancement our team is considering for a future release.

Will enabling this integration cause any issues with Lever job postings that I currently have published on Indeed?

No. When you first enable this integration, your postings on Indeed will not change until Indeed’s team has completed reviewing and verifying your job feed from Lever. Only once their review is complete (30 business days) they will switch over to updating your postings from your Lever job feed. This process is in place to prevent the creation of duplicate postings when the integration is enabled.

Do I need to have a paid account with Indeed in order to have jobs cross-post from Indeed to Glassdoor?

No. There are no fees or minimum obligations in order for sponsored jobs from Indeed to appear on Glassdoor. For more information, refer to our help article on our now-deprecated Glassdoor integration.

Will Indeed Apply capture consent from candidates to be contacted about future opportunities in compliance with GDPR?

Yes. Applicants will be asked to provide consent to be contacted for future opportunities if the GDPR compliance settings in your Lever environment have been configured to capture candidate consent. Note that, while your Lever-hosted job site can be configured to take a candidate's location into account in order to determine whether consent is required, the consent question will be required for all Indeed Apply applicants as Lever does not have access to an Indeed applicant's location data at the time of application submission. For more information, refer to our help article on configuring GDPR compliance.

Will candidates applying through Indeed Apply be asked EEO and Diversity survey questions?

Candidates applying directly on Indeed will not see EEO or Diversity survey questions when applying. If you have configured your Lever Settings such that EEO and Diversity survey questions are sent to candidates that do not apply through your Lever-hosted job site, then candidates that apply via Indeed Apply will be sent the EEO and/or Diversity survey questions when they reach the stage in your Lever pipeline defined in your configuration. To learn how to configure EEO and Diversity survey questions to be sent to applicants that do not apply through your Lever-hosted job site, check out the following help articles:

Indeed is asking me to opt into a "multisource XML feed." Is this the same as Lever's XML job feed?

No. If Indeed prompts you to enable a "multisource XML feed," this can be achieved by simply enabling the the Indeed integration in your Lever Settings (see instructions above). Lever's standard XML job feed is not used in the Indeed integration. Indeed refers to the integration with Lever as a "multisource XML feed" because all Lever accounts that have enabled the integration are aggregated into a multi-account feed connected securely to Indeed. For more on Lever's standard XML feed, check out our XML job posting feed help article.

If Indeed is currently scraping my Lever job site to post my open jobs, will enabling this integration affect the scraping?

Yes. Within 30 days of enabling the integration, Indeed will stop scraping your Lever job site and will instead use the integration to pull your jobs into Indeed. There will be no disruption in how your jobs appear on Indeed during this transition. Note that Indeed does not set up new scrapes of sites belonging to ATS parters for which there is a direct integration option. As such, if your Lever account was implemented in June 2022 or later, Indeed will not scrape your Lever job site even if you have not enabled the integration. For Lever accounts implemented prior to June 2022, if you enable the Indeed integration in Lever and then disable it at a later date, Indeed will be unable to resume scraping of your Lever job site.

Will I incure fees from Indeed for using Lever's integration?

If you do not pay Indeed to advertise your jobs, you will not incur any new or additional fees from Indeed for using this integration. If you do pay Indeed for advertising then, beginning in 2023, you may start to see charges from Indeed that are calculated per each ‘Apply Start’ (with 'Apply Start' being the point at which a candidate clicks Apply to begin an application either via an off-site application or Indeed Apply). The charge for each 'Apply Start' is applicable to jobs sent into Indeed via any external source, and is therefore not specific to jobs coming from Lever's integration. Lever customers who do not have active advertising budgets with Indeed will not be required to pay for each 'Apply Start' whether they are using Indeed Apply or not.

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