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This article describes how to use different configuration options within Lever to support your company’s compliance needs. For help determining which configuration settings are best for your business, please consult with legal counsel to understand what is required for your particular business.
Does CCPA apply to my business?

Lever has continued to track changes to the CCPA, particularly with regard to how it affects our customers. On October 11, 2019 the Governor of California approved AB-25, a bill that amends the CCPA to temporarily limit the requirements of the CCPA as applied to a "job applicant to, and employee of, owner of, director of, officer of, medical staff member of, or a contractor of that business." Employers will still need to provide a privacy notice for these persons, and these people will have a private right of action. After working with counsel, we do not believe that additional functionality will be required for our customer, however, we encourage our customers to seek counsel if there are questions about how CCPA may affect their business.

Do we need to sign a new agreement for CCPA compliance?
While the terms of Lever’s customer agreements generally provide required limitations for CCPA compliance, Lever has prepared a CCPA DPA for those customers who believe further documentation to define the relationship between Lever and each customer that is available in our Privacy Center.
What other changes should we expect with CCPA?
Because of the recent amendments to the CCPA, the expiration of some of those amendments at the end of 2020, and because the regulations have not been released, we still expect changes to the needs of our customers. We are working closely with our Data Protection Officer, outside counsel, and product team to stay ahead of these requirements. If you have feedback or want to help us create that roadmap, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer at
How can I add a privacy notice to my application workflow?
Refer to our help article on adding a privacy notice to the candidate application process to review the options for how you can implement the notice based on the needs of your organization.
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