Getting started with Lever as an Admin

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin
Permissions • Create and edit postings
• Manage profiles and view associated postings
• View, edit, and create users in settings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

This article provides a brief introduction to the core workflows you will commonly need to complete as an administrator of your organization's Lever instance. Refer to the help articles linked in each section for further reading on each workflow.

Looking for full training on how to become an effective Lever administrator?
Check out our Administrator course series in Employ HireEd (available for all Lever customers).

Job postings

Job postings serve as the lightning rods to which to attract and direct candidates into your talent funnel. Postings often provide candidates with a first impression of your organization and talent engagement strategy, all before they have even spoken with a member of your recruitment team. Postings also serve a critical administrative function, as they underpin the operation of opportunities and your ability to measure recruitment activity.

Check out the following help articles to learn how to create and publishing postings:

User management

Adding users to Lever is the first step to getting your recruitment team as well as your broader organization involved in your hiring initiatives. What a user can see and do in their Lever environment is dictated by their role. In turn, roles are provisioned with permissions corresponding to the objects and workflows in each part of the platform.

Check out the following help articles to learn how to manage users and provision their roles:

Archiving and hiring candidates

Changing the stage of an opportunity is one of the most fundamental actions you can take in Lever. Stage changes should be conducted with agility and consistency so that you maintain a healthy pipeline velocity and clean data.

Check out the following help articles to learn how to move candidates through your pipeline:

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