Sharing postings on custom job boards

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member
Permissions • Create and edit postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Job boards can amplify the visibility of your postings, helping to fill the top of your talent funnel. In addition to publishing postings via Lever's built-in job board integrations, you can also generate unique links to share your postings on custom job boards.

Before proceeding, note that you can use Lever's built-in integrations to seamlessly publish your postings to major job boards. To learn more about these integrations, refer to the following help articles:

How sharing postings to custom job boards works

Lever gives you the ability to generate URLs for individual postings that are unique to the job boards to which you want to share them. When a candidate clicks the posting link on the job board, they will be directed to the Lever-hosted version of your posting. In the process, Lever places a cookie on their browser, so that the job board from which they were directed is recorded as a source on the candidate profile. Even if the candidate does not apply to the posting immediately after redirection, but rather navigates away and then returns to the Lever-hosted version of the posting at a later point in time, the cookie will still track the source from the original custom URL (provided the applicant applies using the same browser and has not cleared their cookies since their initial visit).

Generating posting links for custom job boards

To generate a custom job board link for an existing posting, navigate to the Jobs section of your Lever environment and select the posting that you wish to publish on a custom job board. Scroll to the bottom of the posting editor and click + Add a job board beneath the job board list. If you are in the process of creating a new posting, you can publish the posting to custom job boards as part of the final 'Completion' step (refer to our help article on creating job postings for full details).

Job board list in posting editor with arrow pointing to Add job board

Make a selection from the menu of commonly used job boards. If your desired job board is not in the menu, type its name in the job board field.

Custom job board menu expanded and then name of custom job board typed into field.

Configure the origin for opportunities associated with candidates that apply via the job board ('Applied' or 'University'). Note, while there there is no functional difference between the 'Applied' and 'University' origins, the latter can be used easily filter and report on candidates applying through post-secondary job boards. By default, a 'Job site' source tag will be attached to any opportunities generated via the job board, followed by a source tag with the name of the job board. If you wish to attach additional source tags to opportunities generated via the job board, add them in the field here.

Refer to our help article on understanding the difference between origins and sources to learn more about the distinction. To learn more about source tags, including how to configure custom source tags, refer to our tags help article

If you selected one of the commonly used job boards from the menu (see above), a link to that job board will be listed beneath the origin and source fields in the modal. Click the link to navigate to the job board in a new browser tab. If you input the name of a new job board, you will need to open that job board in a new browser tab.

Copy the link and paste it to the job board. To complete the process, click the I posted the job button. The custom job board will appear as active in the job board list, where you can track the number of applicants and candidates hired against the posting via that job board.

Custom job board now appears in job board list on posting editor.

Frequently asked questions

What if I want to share all of my organization's external postings to a custom job board?

The job board would need to be able to ingest Lever's XML job posting feed. To learn more, refer to our help article on how to use Lever's XML job posting feed. Alternatively, you can request that the job board scrape your Lever-hosted job site. Doing so would give the job board permission to pull jobs from your Lever-hosted job site into their board and provide candidates from its pool. Note, under this arrangement, candidates opportunities will not be tagged for that specific board unless the job board is able to add "?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=[Job Board]" to the redirect link application URL where [Job Board] is the name of the tag that you would like applied to the opportunities of the candidates that are redirected (using "%20" for any spaces in the job board name).

How can I remove postings from custom job boards?
Job postings must be removed by way of the job board to which they have been shared. For example, if you shared a posting to GItHub, you would need to remove the posting with the custom link from GitHub. Note that once a posting link has been generated for a job board, it can be saved and/or bookmarked by applicants, as well as scraped by job board aggregators. Applicants may still be able to find the posting via saved, bookmarked, and scraped links even after you have removed it from the job board. To ensure that candidates do not apply to jobs that you have removed from job boards, we advise closing the corresponding postings in Lever.
How can I report on metrics related to custom job boards?
Most dashboards in Visual Insights can be filtered by source tag. Apply filters for the source tags corresponding to custom job boards (see above) to report on metrics such as applicant volume, conversion rates, and time to hire. To learn more, refer to our help article on filtering Visual Insights dashboards.
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