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Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Connecting your Lever environment to agencies allows your team to work with external recruiting partners. Connected agencies can submit candidates directly into your Lever talent pipeline. Agencies can be looped in on email candidate correspondence in Lever, and receive daily status emails to stay up-to-date on their candidates.

Connecting agencies to Lever

To connect an agency to your Lever environment:

  • Navigate to Settings > Agencies and click the + Add agency button.
  • In the editor, fill in the required 'Agency Information' fields. Below is breakdown of the required and optional fields:
    • Agency name
    • Domain - the email domain for the agency
      • Avoid inputting common/public email domains such as or, as doing so will prevent email addresses from these domains from being added to new candidate profiles.
    • Default source tag - the source tag that will be applied to every opportunity associated with a candidate submitted by the agency, along with the 'Job site' tag.
      • Source tags are particularly helpful if you have multiple agencies connected to your Lever environment in order to maintain good data hygiene. Refer to our help article on managing agency source tags to learn more.
  • Fill in the 'Primary Contact' fields (name, email, as well as phone number if applicable). The primary contact will be cc'ed on any email correspondence with candidates submitted to the Lever pipeline from the agency, as well as receive daily status emails from Lever about submitted candidates.
    • If a primary contact at an agency uses their email address for a candidate they submit in place of the candidate's email address, emails sent to the candidate from Lever could become improperly threaded. To prevent this, we advise inputting an email domain (see above) and primary contact email address (even though these fields are optional) when adding an agency.

Agency editor with agency information and primary contact fields filled out.

  • Click the Next button to proceed. In the next section of the editor, select from external and unlisted job postings to publish to the the agency's custom Lever job site.
    • A URL for the custom job site will be sent to the primary contact for the agency once it has been connected to your Lever environment.
    • If you do not wish to assign job postings to the agency at this stage, click the Skip This Step button.

Job assignment menu expanded in agency editor.

  • Click the Next button to proceed. In the final section of the editor, you can modify the email containing the link to the custom agency Lever job site that will be sent to the primary contact.
    • If you do not wish send this email to the primary contact, de-select the 'Send email invite' check box.

Email fields in agency editor.

  • Click the Done button to complete the connection. Once connected, the agency will be listed on the Agencies page in your Settings.
    • If you opted to not send an email containing the job site URL to the primary contact when connecting the agency, you can find and copy the URL from here to then send to the agency by other means.

Agency list with agency added from previous images.

Updating agencies and assigned postings

If you ever need to update an agency's information (e.g. domain, source tag, primary contact) or assigned postings, you can do so by completing the following steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Agencies and select the agency that you wish to update.
  • In the editor, update agency information as necessary.
  • If you are updating the postings assigned to an agency, click the 'Assign Jobs' tab in the editor. From here, you can assign additional jobs to the agency or remove assigned jobs by hovering over the posting and clicking the trash can icon.

Assigned job postings listed in the agency editor.

  • Click the Save Changes button to implement your updates.

If you ever wish to copy the URL for an agency job site or deactivate an agency that you have connected to your Lever environment, navigate to the Agencies page in your Settings, click the ⋯ button aligned to the right of the agency and select the appropriate option from the menu. These actions can also be taken from the agency editor, via the ⋯ button.

Menu extending from agency in agency list with options to copy link and deactivate agency.


Updates made to postings - such as edits to the job description, application questions, or posting status - are reflected on agency job sites in real time.

Managing agency-submitted candidates

Candidates submitted via an agency job site will have the default source tag (defined when the agency was connected) attached to their opportunity profile in Lever. The agency primary contact will also appear on the candidate's opportunity profile.

Candidate profile with Agency origin and source tag circled, as well as agency primary contact information.

When sending emails to agency-submitted candidate's in Lever, the primary contact will appear in the cc field of the email composer (provided their email address was added in the agency connection configuration. Click the agency name in the field to cc the primary contact.

Email composer with arrow pointing to cc field where agency is listed.

Daily status email for agencies

Actions taken with agency-submitted candidates are summarized on the daily status email sent to the primary contact for the agency. The following tallies appear on the daily status email:

  • Assigned job postings
  • Submitted candidates
  • Interviews scheduled within the last 24 hours
  • Candidate stage changes
  • Candidates archived

Example of a daily status email

A CSV file will be attached to the email listing the following information for currently active candidates as well as candidates archived within the last 6 months:

  • Candidate name
  • Organizations
  • Job posting(s)
  • Upcoming interview date
  • Archived status
  • Archive reason
  • Archive date
  • Hired status
  • Current stage name

Example of a CSV attached to a daily status email

Candidates will only appear in the daily status email if their opportunity profile has the agency's default source tag attached and their opportunity is associated with a job posting assigned to the agency. If an agency partner no longer wishes to receive the daily status email, you can accommodate this by updating the agency information to remove the primary contact's email address (see the 'Updating agencies and assigned postings' section above for instructions).


If your organization has GDPR compliance configured in Lever, note that anonymized candidates will not be included in the CSV report. However, they will still be counted toward the summary tallies in the daily status email. Refer to our GDPR help article to learn more about candidate anonymization.

Frequently asked questions

Can agencies submit candidates for confidential postings?

You can only assign a confidential posting to an agency if you are on the access list for that posting. If you are not on the access list for the confidential posting, it will not appear in the menu of available postings that can be assigned to an agency. Agencies cannot be assigned a confidential posting if they also have a non-confidential posting assigned. If you attempt to assign a confidential posting to an agency that also has a non-confidential posting assigned, the confidential posting will be disabled until the non-confidential posting has been unassigned. Agencies can only have one confidential posting assigned at a time (the ability to assign other postings will be disabled until the time that the confidential posting is unassigned). Agencies that have been assigned a confidential posting have a lock icon next to their name in the agency list. While an agency has a confidential posting assigned, it will only be visible in the agency list to users that have access to that posting. All postings assigned to an agency appear on the custom agency job site, including confidential postings, so we advise using discretion when sharing agency job site URLs.

Will agencies be blocked from submitting candidates that are already in my Lever pipeline?

Agencies will be blocked from submitting a candidate if the candidate themselves has has applied for the same job posting and the 'Block repeat applications' feature is enabled.

  • You must enable 'Block repeat applications' in your job site settings.
  • The opportunity created when the candidate applied to the job posting is within the waiting period configured on the 'Block repeat applications' setting.

Agencies will not be blocked from submitting a candidate for the same job posting if the same or another agency has submitted the candidate prior.

To learn more, refer to our help article on blocking repeat applicants.

Can information on an agency-submitted candidate application be marked as secret?
Responses to custom application questions can be marked as secret on the candidate's profile. Information in the 'Additional information' field on the agency application form cannot be marked as secret. For this reason, we advise adding custom application questions on agency-assigned postings as a means to capture sensitive information about submitted candidates. To learn more, refer to our help article on custom application questions. We also recommend that agencies avoid adding sensitive information about a candidate in the 'Additional information' field.
Do candidates and agencies receive a confirmation email when a candidate has been submitted?
No. For updates on submitted candidates, primary agency contacts should refer to the daily status email (described above).
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