Using the bulk action toolbar

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Running a high-volume recruiting function can require you and your team to move, contact, and curate large numbers of candidates at time. The bulk action toolbar allows you to swiftly perform these operations so you can spend less time organizing your pipeline and more time building meaningful relationships with candidates.

How the bulk action toolbar works

The bulk action toolbar runs along the top of the opportunity list, below the stage/archive reason tiles. To reveal the bulk action toolbar, select the checkbox of at least one opportunity in the opportunity list. The bulk action toolbar can be used in any section of the pipeline, including the archive and search results page.

Close-up of action toolbar in pipeline interface.

To quickly select or deselect all opportunities under the stage/archive reason/search criteria are viewing, click the checkbox to the upper-right of the opportunity list.

Multiple opportunities selected in opportunity list; bulk-select checkbox is outlined.


To take action with targeted cohorts of candidates, apply filters to the pipeline/archive reason/search criteria in order to refine the opportunity pool before bulk-selecting the list.

Types of bulk actions

Here is a breakdown of the type of bulk actions you can execute via the toolbar:

Move selected opportunities to a different stage in the active part of the pipeline.

Archive selected opportunities. If selected opportunities are associated with different postings, you have the option to choose opportunities in association with only one posting to archive. Also provides option to draft and send email to candidates as part of the archiving action. This bulk action cannot be undone.

Apply tags to the selected opportunity. Can also be used to remove tags from selected opportunities.

Send selected opportunities to a stakeholder or member of your team via email. The recipient does not need to have a Lever account, although you will be notified if you are sharing the opportunities with someone outside of your Lever instance. Includes option to attach a rating to the shared opportunities. Note that if you include yourself as a recipient of the share, you will not receive an email.

Draft and send email to candidates associated with selected opportunities. Can be configured to avoid sending emails to candidates that have active opportunities elsewhere in the pipeline.

Add candidates associated with selected opportunities to a Nurture campaign. This option will only appear in the bulk action toolbar when selecting opportunities in the 'Lead' section of the pipeline. The LeverTRM package supports the ability to add one opportunity to a Nurture campaign at a time. The Advanced Nurture add-on supports the ability to add up to 50 opportunities to a Nurture campaign.

Consolidate candidate profiles associated with selected opportunities into a single profile. For fields on the candidate profile that can only support input, you will be required to select which merged candidate profile should take precedence. This bulk action can only be executed if no less than two and no more than six opportunities are selected. For more on this topic, refer to our help article on merging candidate profiles.

Snooze selected opportunities for a set period of time. Snoozed opportunities will be hidden from view but will retain their place in the pipeline. To learn more, refer to our help article on snoozing opportunities.

The following additional bulk actions can be revealed by clicking the caron button (ˇ) to the right of the toolbar:

Close-up of action toolbar in pipeline interface showing dropdown action menu

Create new opportunities
Add a new opportunity to the profiles of candidates associated with the selected opportunities. You can configure the newly created opportunities to be associated with a specific posting, or simply create general opportunities. If multiple opportunities belonging to the same candidate are included in the selection, only one new opportunity will be created for that candidate. 

Change owner
Change the owner of the selected opportunities.

Change origin
Change the origin of the selected opportunities.

Add posting to general opportunities
Associate selected opportunities with a posting. This action can only be taken with general opportunities (i.e. opportunities that have not yet been associated with a posting).

Cancel campaigns
Remove candidates associated with the selected opportunities from their Nurture campaign. Selected opportunities must be part of an active Nurture campaign in order to execute this bulk action.

Unarchive opportunities
Unarchive selected opportunities. Opportunities will reappear in their last location in the pipeline prior to being archived. This option will only appear in the bulk action toolbar when selecting opportunities that have been archived.

Anonymize opportunities
Remove personally identifiable information from Lever for candidates associated with the selected opportunities (for GDPR compliance). The total amount of information removed will depend on if the candidate has additional non-anonymized opportunities that have not been selected as part of the bulk action. To learn more, refer to our help article on anonymizing opportunities.

Delete opportunities
Delete selected opportunities. Candidate information associated with opportunities outside of those selected for deletion will remain in Lever. We highly advise archiving and anonymizing opportunities rather than deleting them, in order to avoid adversely affecting your recruitment data. Data associated with deleted opportunities cannot be recovered. You will be required to type the word 'Delete' to confirm this bulk action.


If the HackerRank Tests integration is added to your LeverTRM environment, you are also able to send tests from the bulk action toolbar. For more details, refer to our help article on enabling and using the HackerRank Tests integration.

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