Viewing interviewer availability when scheduling interviews

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If you and your colleagues have synced your Google or Office 365 calendars with Lever, you can view each other's availabilities when scheduling interviews with candidates. This functionality is designed to make the process of booking interviews, especially those with multiple interviewers, as streamlined as possible. For a demonstration of how to view interviewer availability when scheduling interviews, jump to the video at the end of this article.

Viewing interviewer availability

To view interviewer availability, start by opening the scheduler for a candidate with which you wish to book a meeting. If the candidate has reached an interview stage in the pipeline and an interview has yet to be booked, you can open the scheduler by clicking the Schedule button next to their opportunity in the opportunity list.

Schedule button next to an opportunity in the opportunity list

Alternatively, you can open the scheduler by clicking the Schedule Interview button or the calendar button at the top of their opportunity profile.

Schedule Interview and calendar buttons at the top of an opportunity profile

Add interviewers to the Finder interviewers field in the scheduler and click the View Availability button to the right of the field.

Scheduling window with two interviewers selected and arrow pointing to View Availability button to right of interviewer field.

The availability window will appear in the scheduler, showing event blocks for each interviewer's calendar. Use the Day/Week switch above the availability window to adjust your view.

Note that a large number of interviewers may result in some difficulties using the availability finder. The number of interviewers is added manually in the scheduler or configured in the interview plan.

Availability viewer configured to week long display.

In order to view the availability for a colleague, that colleague must have synced their calendar with Lever and configured their calendar so that you have permission to view their calendar events. If the colleague for which you are attempting to view availability has not synced their calendar with Lever or they have not configured their calendar so that you have permission to view their calendar events, their availability field will turn pink and an error message will appear. For details on how to grant permissions for GSuite and Office 365 calendars, refer to our calendar sharing help article.

Availaiblity viewer with one interviewer's calendar highlighed in pink with informational message noting the interview's calendar could not be loaded.


For Office 365 users, event blocks shown in the availability window corresponding to events on a calendar will not show event titles. All events will be listed as "Busy.'"

Resolving scheduling conflicts

If an interview event that you are attempting to schedule conflicts with an existing event on an interviewer's calendar, the event block will turn pink and an error message will appear. In order to resolve the scheduling conflict, you can move the interviewers or interview events in the scheduler, or modify the calendar of the interviewer with which there is a conflict.

Availability window in scheduler with event conflict.

Moving an interviewer or interview event in the scheduler

You can adjust the interviewers and time associated with an interview event by clicking into the Add interviewers or time fields respectively and making updates as needed. Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop interviewers and interview events into a rearranged order to accommodate conflicts.

Live image of interview time slots being dragged and dropped into different order, interview template being selected from drop-down menu and then Schedule button is clicked in lower right corner of Scheduling window.

Modifying your calendar

If you reschedule an event on your GSuite or Office 365 calendar in order to accommodate a scheduling conflict, be sure to click the Refresh button in the lower-right corner of the availability window in the scheduler to update the availabilities that are shown.

Manually resetting your calendar cache

Lever automatically syncs your calendar once every 24 hours. If your calendar is not loading in the availability window of the scheduler, we recommend manually resetting your calendar cache in order to force a sync. To do this, navigate to Settings. In the My account section, you will see a timestamp showing the last time your calendar was synced to Lever. Click the Reset Calendar Cache button to force a sync.

My account section of Setting page with Reset Calendar Cache button circled under Calendar permission field.

Video walkthrough

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