Bulk emailing candidates

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Bulk emailing candidates is an efficient way to reach out to many candidates at the same time. To learn about other ways to manage multiple candidates, refer to our help article on using the bulk action toolbar. You may also set up follow-up emails campaigns to multiple candidates with Lever Nurture. Learn more in our help article on Nurture campaigns

Bulk emailing candidates

To bulk email candidates, move to the Candidates tab in the top navigation menu and select the opportunities for the candidates you would like to email.

To select all opportunities in a specific stage, navigate to the appropriate pipeline section (Lead, Applicant, or Interview), filter for the desired stage (by clicking the stage tile in the pipeline header), and check the box at the top of the opportunities list. Note that the suitcase icon in a candidate's row indicates they have multiple open opportunities.

Opportunities list with select all box checked

To select only specific opportunities from a list, manually check the boxes next to the candidates' names.

Opportunities list with individual opportunities checked

Once you have selected the opportunities of the candidates you wish to email, click the Email button in the bulk action toolbar.

Opportunities list with arrow pointing to email button

In the email editor, draft your email or click on Template to insert an email template from the dropdown list. You can edit your message just as you would normally would with Lever mail, including cc and bcc'ing colleagues as well as inserting Easy Book links. For more information on sending emails in Lever, refer to the following help articles:

If you have included a candidate with multiple active opportunities among your selection, check the 'Send only one email for each unique candidate' checkbox to avoid sending duplicate emails to the same person. 

It is also possible that a selected candidate has other active opportunities that are not included in your current selection. Check the 'Don't email candidates with other active opportunities' box to remove any candidates with more than one active opportunity from the bulk email. 

Email editor modal with arrows pointing to check boxes and template dropdown menu

You can configure the timing for when you would like the email to be sent and click Preview to see how the email will appear to candidates. The final step is to click Send later for scheduled emails or Send to send your email immediately.


You cannot cancel or undo an email that you immediately sent to a candidate.

Email editor window showing email scheduling dropdown and preview button

If you want to cancel a scheduled email, you must do so from each individual opportunity.

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