Inactivity alerts

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be configured by Super Admins
Permissions • Manage pipeline stages
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Inactivity alerts are designed to help prevent candidates from going stale in your pipeline, by highlighting opportunities that have not been interacted with in a certain period of time.

How inactivity alerts work

Inactivity alerts are represented by a clock icon that appears next to a candidate's name in the opportunity list. An inactivity alert will appear next to an opportunity if there is no recorded interaction in an opportunity's history within a specific number of days.

Close up of two opportunities in the opportunity list, one of which has an inactivity alert beside it.

The numbers of days after which an inactivity alert will appears are defined for each stage in your Pipeline and archive reason settings (see next section of this article). Hovering over an inactivity alert will reveal the number of days since the opportunity was last interacted with.


If you have not yet viewed an opportunity profile, the candidate's name in the opportunity list will appear in bold.

What counts as an interaction?

The following events in an opportunity's history are counted as interactions:

  • Stage change
  • Archiving
  • Snoozing
  • Scheduling an interview
  • Submitting a feedback form
  • Adding a note
  • Adding a file
  • Adding a resume
  • Sending or receiving an email from the candidate
    • Requires emails to be synced to a candidate's profile
  • Sending or receiving an InMail from the candidate

The record of interactions in an opportunity's history can be found by scrolling down in the 'Overview' section of an opportunity profile.

Using inactivity alerts with call-to-action buttons

Opportunities in the Lead and Interview section of the pipeline can have call-to-action buttons appear next to their entries in the opportunity list. The type of button that appears will be reflective of the next action that should be taken with that candidate.

Close up of opportunities in the opportunities list with call-to-action buttons.

If an inactivity alert appears next to an opportunity, refer to the call-to-action button to take the next required step with the candidate. For a full breakdown, refer to our help article on call-to-action buttons.

Configuring inactivity alerts

Users with Super Admin level access can set the inactivity thresholds for each pipeline stage in their Lever environment. To configure inactivity alerts:

  • Navigate to Settings > Company > Pipeline and archive reasons
  • From the 'Pipeline Stages' tab, click the Customize Pipeline Stages button.

Pipeline and archive reasons page in Settings, with arrow pointing to Customize Pipeline Stages button.

  • Click the name of the stage for which you wish to configure the inactivity alert. Ensure that the 'Inactivity alert' toggle is in the on position and input the number of days for the alert.

Pipeline stage details modal with inactivity alert toggle in 'on' position and five day limit set.

  • Click the Save Changes button.
  • Click the Next button and proceed through the pipeline stage customization workflow. At the end of the workflow, click the Save button to apply your changes.

The inactivity alerts will come into effect immediately and will also be applied retroactively to opportunities that have passed the limit for their stage. Inactivity alerts can also be configured when adding a new stage to your pipeline. To learn more, refer to the following help articles:


If an opportunity exceeds the inactivity limit for a stage, that opportunity will be considered "stuck" in custom reports that include a stuck data field.
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