Enabling and using Lever's email sync

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

You can use Lever's email sync to send and read your Google or Office 365 emails via Lever. User email sync allows you to work seamlessly, by enabling you to communicate with candidates directly  from your Lever environment. For instructions for specific email providers, refer to our help article on Lever's Gmail's sync and our help article on Lever's Office 365 sync. For more information on setting up email sync, refer to our help article on options your company has for email sync

How Lever's email sync works


This is an opt-in feature. Lever only syncs email with your permission.

You'll see candidate responses both on the candidate profile in Lever and in your email inbox. You can then reply back via Lever or your inbox, and either way, the thread will be continued in both places.

In terms of reading and syncing email, Lever has a 'default-deny' policy, meaning that Lever simply checks the headers of emails to see whether the email thread started in Lever—indicating its relevance to Lever and your hiring efforts—and syncs only these relevant 'messages of interest.' Lever only syncs email threads that are deemed messages of interest per their headers. None of your emails outside of the messages of interest will be synced, stored, or accessible by Lever. Only emails from your own email account are synced.

Lever only syncs with your own email account. Lever can't sync with someone's email inbox without their permission. When a team member has granted permission to sync emails, only they can decide if they want to import older conversations.

Enabling email sync

You need to give Lever permission to access to your email.

  • Navigate to Settings > My account
  • In the 'Permissions' section, check the ‘Email’ permissions box 

Once permissions have been set up, you’re ready to receive emails from candidates.

Account permissions page with arrow pointing to email check box

To sync older conversations with a candidate, conversations initiated by the candidate, or conversations initiated by you outside of Lever from your personal email, go to the appropriate candidate profile and click on the ellipses button (⋯) next to the candidate’s email address. You can also navigate to the profile’s 'Emails' tab and click on the 'import candidate email' button to accomplish the same refresh.

Candidate profile with arrow showing how to sync emails

Making emails secret

Just like notes and feedback forms, you can make emails secret. The ‘secret’ mode is applied to the entire thread and makes it visible to only to the person making the email secret, email participants, Super admins, and Admins. It’s not possible to make individual emails inside a thread secret.

  • Scroll down on the candidate profile 
  • Click the ellipses (⋯) to the right of an email 
  • Click Make secret from the menu

Email section of candidate profile with arrows pointing to ellipses and make secret from menu

Deleting emails

Lever will never delete any emails from your email account. Clicking ‘remove from Lever’ will remove the email from Lever, but keep the original intact in your email. You can delete an individual email from Lever by clicking the ellipses (⋯) to the right of an email and clicking remove from Lever from the dropdown menu. To delete an entire thread:

  • Click the downwards arrow below an email thread on the candidate profile
  • Click Remove thread from Lever from the menu

Email section of candidate profile with arrow pointing to down arrow and remove thread from lever on menu

Adding candidates via email

You can also use our extension to add an email thread to existing profiles, as well as create a new profile and easily sync an email thread. For more information, refer to our help article on adding an email thread to an existing candidate profile.

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