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For those that have implemented a custom job site but are still relying on Lever's hosted application form to collect applications, this article explains how to accurately track conversions and relate them to Lever applications. The ability to track conversions requires that you have a third party tracking system able to uniquely identify sessions, or are working with a third party development company that is implementing tracking on your custom job site.

How does tracking conversions work?

A custom job site implementation that relies on Lever's hosted application form has the candidate navigate between two domains - your career site domain and Lever's job site domain. Without inserting the same tracking code onto every domain to which a candidate navigates, it can be hard to relate a conversion (the candidate submitting an application) with the session and inbound source (e.g. Facebook Ads).

To solve this problem, Lever's 'Application Success Page' field allows you to set the URL that a candidate is sent to after a successful submission, which you can then associate with the appropriate tracking code. The tracking code should be capable of uniquely identifying a candidate, such that they are "fingerprinted" when they navigate to your custom job site, and are "fingerprinted" again when they are sent to the Application Success Page. Setting up the Application Success Page and tracking code in this way gives you certainty that the users you initially identified on your custom job site were able to successfully submit an application (and to know which application they submitted).

Setting up conversion tracking

Before you do anything in Lever, you will need to create an Application Success Page to which to send candidates after they successfully submit an application. Creation of such a page will likely require the help of a developer at your organization.

Make sure that your career site and the Application Success Page have the same tracking code. The tracking software needs to uniquely identify the candidate by their session/browser, which will allow it to identify that candidate even if they navigate away and then return.

We recommend tracking a 'Successful Application' event when the Application Success Page loads. You will also need to track the event for 'Clicks to go fill out application' form -  such that you are tracking two related events:

  1.  When the candidate clicks that button to go fill out the form
  2. When the candidate loads the Application Success Page after submitting the form


An application conversion should be counted when both events are detected for the candidate/session.

Once you have created the Application Success Page and with the tracking code configured to track the appropriate events, the final step is to add the Application Success Page URL to Lever. To do so, navigate to Settings > Job site and input the URL to the 'Application Success Page URL' field. 

Job site settings back with Application Success Page URL field circled.


The 'Application Success Page URL' field requires the LeverTRM for Enterprise package.

When redirecting a candidate to the success page, Lever will append the applicationId to the URL (i.e. ''). You can use this LeverAppId to relate the conversion on your website to a submitted application. When the Application Success Page URL has been to Lever, you will be able to identify:

  1. Where a candidate came from 
  2. Whether they completed the flow and filled out an application
  3. The Lever application ID to relate the conversion with an application.


If you use Lever's URL parameters for origin and/or source, these parameters will continue to work.
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