Adding new opportunities to existing candidate profiles

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • View profiles and associated job postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

When working with active candidates and sourcing from your archive of past candidates, you can expand or reactivate their recruitment journey by adding new opportunities to their profiles.

Adding new opportunities to existing candidate profiles

  • Navigate to the Candidates page
  • Click on a candidate's opportunity to open their profile
  • In the 'Opportunities' section of the candidate's profile, click the + Add button

Candidate profile with arrow pointing to the add button in the opportunities section

In the 'Consider for new job' modal, click Choose job... and select a posting from the dropdown menu.

Consider for new job modal with box outlining the choose job drop down menu

If you do not see the job you are looking for in this list, either click the + more option at the bottom of the list to load additional postings or begin typing to filter for your specific posting. Note that you postings in a closed or draft state will not be available for selection.

If you do not yet want to choose a specific job, you can create a General Opportunity by selecting the Create General Opportunity checkbox. General opportunities are meant to be used placeholders, allowing you to generate a profile for a candidate and engage with them without yet associating them with a specific job. General opportunities can later be converted to opportunities associated with specific postings, retaining the record of all recruiting activity that took place up to that point.

Consider for new job modal with general opportunity checked

Click the Create Opportunity button to finish and add the opportunity to the candidate's profile. The new opportunity will appear on the candidate's profile in the 'Opportunities' section. Note that the user who adds a new opportunity to an existing candidate profile will by default be the owner of that opportunity.

Once either a job is selected or the Create General Opportunity checkbox is selected, you will be presented with the option to copy information from another opportunity. If you do not wish to copy information, click Create Opportunity to create the new opportunity and close the modal.

Copying information from another opportunity

When adding either a new opportunity to a candidate's profile (either a job-specific opportunity or a General Opportunity), you will be presented with the option to copy information (files, resumes, origin/source, tags) from any existing opportunities already associated with the candidate. To do this, check the box for Copy Information from another opportunity, then click the Select opportunity to copy from button.

Copy information from another opportunity modal with all options checked

Choose which of the candidate's existing opportunities you wish to copy information from. If you are copying information from an active opportunity, you have the option to archive that opportunity by clicking the Archive this opportunity checkbox and selecting an archive reason. This archiving action will not take place until the information has been copied to the new opportunity.

Consider for new job modal with arrow pointing to job drop down menu and archive this opportunity checked


The final step of the workflow, you can select which artifacts to copy from the existing opportunity. Deselect any that you do not wish to copy, then click the Create opportunity + copy info button.

Note that you cannot select specific information within each category to be copied - it will be all or none. For example, if you select the option to copy 'Files' to the new opportunity, all files attached to the old opportunity will be copied (i.e. you would not be able to select specific files to copy over). Once the new opportunity is created, you may delete any copied information you do not wish to keep.

To copy over referral information check 'Origin and Sources' and 'Referral information'. This is ensures the new opportunity information references the original referrer and referral form, especially important for tracking origin and referral data and/or running referral campaigns with your organization.



Click the Create opportunity + copy info button. The modal will close and the opportunity will appear in the candidate's profile in the 'Opportunities' section.


Note that secret files are excluded from information copied to new opportunities. In addition, the ability to copy information from an existing opportunity to a new opportunity will be disabled for any candidate covered under your configured GDPR settings that is pending anonymization or has an outstanding request to have their information deleted.
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