Creating offers

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Lever's offers functionality allows you to extend offers to candidates as they approach the end of your recruitment pipeline. Creating offers in Lever helps to keep visibility into offer details consolidated in a single candidate management workflow.

Preparing to create and send offers in Lever

Before you can create and send offers from your LeverTRM environment, a user with Super Admin should first complete the following steps:

Step 1: Customize the offer form

The offer form consists of the required and optional information fields that need to be filled out by the offer creator as they are generating the offer. The offer form is configured via Settings > Offers > Offer form. To learn more, refer to our help article on how to customize the offer form.

Step 2: Create an offer letter template

Offer letter templates can be used to build offer letters with structured fields to be filled out by the offer creator and the candidate. Offer letter templates are uploaded via Settings > Offers > Offer letter templates. To learn more, refer to our help article on how to create an offer letter template.

Step 3: Enable an e-signature integration (if necessary)

If you wish for candidates to electronically sign their offer letter, one of Lever's e-signature integrations will need to be enabled in your LeverTRM environment. Lever integrates with both DocuSign and Adobe Sign for this purpose. To learn how to enable these integrations, refer to the following help articles:

Creating and sending offers in Lever

Offers can be created and sent by any user who has access to the opportunity profile associated with the candidate to which the offer is being sent. Start by opening a profile for an opportunity in the 'Offer' stage of your pipeline. If an offer has yet to be sent to the associated candidate, you can click the Create offer button that appears at the top of the profile to proceed with offer generation. Alternatively, click the ⋯ button in the profile header and select Create offer from the menu that appears.

Close-up of opportunity profile with Create Offer call to action button at the top.

An Offer Details modal will appear. Fill in the fields on the offer form (fields that require an input are indicated with an asterisk). When creating an offer for an opportunity associated with a multi-location posting, you will select the intended location from the dropdown menu in the Job location field. For how to configure multi-locations, refer to our help article on creating and managing multi-location postings.

  • Click Next Step to proceed.

Lever job posting modal showing Offer details stage with arrow pointing to blue next step button.

If offer approvals are enabled in your LeverTRM environment and the offer you are creating meets the criteria of at least one offer approval workflow, you will be shown a summary of the approvers in the approval chain and will be prompted to submit an approval request. Before submitting the request note that you have the ability to attach a message and/or file to your request, as well as preview the request before sending it.

Approval summary page in offer generation modal.

You will be unable to proceed past this step in the offer generation process until the offer has been approved by each approver in the chain. If an offer requires approval from multiple approvers, you can monitor how far down the approval chain the offer has advanced in the offer generation modal. If you wish to make changes to the offer if approval has been denied, while it is pending, or has received approval, click the Modify Offer button in the status banner of the offer generation modal. Once the offer has been approved by all approvers in the chain, you can click the Next Step button in the offer generation modal to proceed to the next step in the process. To learn more about offer approvals, refer to our help article on request approval for an offer.

Offer generation modal showing that the offer has been approved by all approvers.

Select an offer letter template and review all information required to populate the placeholders on the offer letter template. If there are placeholders in the offer letter template that do not have a corresponding field on the offer form, they will be listed at this stage and you will be prompted to input the necessary information. If there is a placeholder on the offer letter template that has a corresponding field on the offer form, but you did not fill out that field, you will be required to discard the approval (if applicable), return to the offer details step, and fill in the missing information.

Create Offer Letter section of the offer gneration modal with information corresponding to placeholders in the letter template listed.

From here, you also have the option to preview the offer letter as it will appear to the candidate. In the lower section of the modal, you can draft an email to the candidate that will accompany the offer letter. Click the Next Step button to proceed.


If you are sending the offer letter outside of Lever, click the Sending offer outside of Lever? link below the offer letter template menu and jump to the next section of this article for further instructions.

Review the offer details, including any users in your LeverTRM environment that will be notified once the offer is sent. Click the Send Offer button to complete the process.

Review and Send section of the Offer Generaltion modal with recipient, message, and offer letter shown.

Sending offers outside of Lever

If you are sending an offer outside of Lever, you will still want to keep a record of the offer and the candidate's response in your LeverTRM environment. Following the offer approval step in the offer creation process (described above), click the Sending offer outside of Lever? link below the offer letter menu.

Arrow pointing to Sending offer outside of Lever link below offer letter template menu.

The offer will be marked as sent in Lever. In the modal, you can then indicate whether the candidate signed or declined the offer. If indicating that the candidate signed the offer, you have the option to either upload a copy of the signed letter or simply mark the offer as signed.

Offer sent notice in offer generation modal above buttons labelled candidate signed and candidate declided. Pop-over extends from candidate signed button with options to upload signed offer or mark offer as signed.


If you have integrated another platform with your LeverTRM environment via Lever's API, any queries that request a signed offer document for the opportunity will return a null value if the Mark offer as signed option was selected.

Offer detail visibility

Offer details can only be viewed by the following users:

  • Super Admins
  • Users with Sensitive Information Privileges for the posting associated with the offer
  • The offer creator (i.e. the user that filled out the offer form and generated the offer letter)
  • Signatories that have been designated on the offer
  • Approvers in the offer approval workflow applied to the offer

The offer creator, signatories, and approvers are locked in once an offer is marked as sent. To see which users can view the details of an offer, click the link in the 'Visible to...' line found on the offer block located on the opportunity profile.

Pop-over extending from Offer block in opportunity profile listing users that can view offer details.


Analytics related to offer data can be found on the Offers dashboard in Visual Insights. To learn more, refer to our Offers dashboard help article.
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