Enabling and using the Sterling integration

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This version of the Sterling integration is no longer available for new implementations. If you wish to integrate Lever with Sterling, we recommend using the Sterling Direct integration, which you can learn about in our Sterling Direct integration help article. Current users of this version of the Sterling integration are advised to reach out to their Sterling representative for instructions on how to migrate to the Sterling Direct version of the integration.


Lever integrates with the SterlingeOne platform. The scope of this integration supports customers in the United States. Integrations for EMEA, Canada, and APAC are also supported by Lever and Sterling. Please see the following articles for more information on enabling and using the Sterling Backcheck integration (EMEA and Canada) and the Sterling RISQ (APAC) integrations.


Sterling set up flow.

At a high level, the Lever-Sterling Talent Solutions integration will initiate a Background Check order in Sterling when a candidate is moved to a particular stage in Lever. Overriding a default Sterling package is supported. Upon stage change, Lever will send candidate details to Sterling and Sterling will send an email to the candidate to add additional information and complete the background check. The status of the screening will be captured in Lever as tags as the screening proceeds. Displaying the screening results as Lever tags is supported as well and configurable. Once the background check is completed, Lever will update the candidate profile with a Sterling-gated link to the background check report and can optionally move the candidate to another stage in Lever.


1. Contact Sterling: Setting up the Lever-Sterling integration involves reaching out to your Sterling Account Manager to ensure your account is configured correctly for the integration. Simply request the "Standard Lever Integration" from your Sterling Account Manager. Your Sterling Account Manager will provide you with your Sterling Client Id, Authentication Key and a list of your Sterling packages.

2. Setup in Lever: A Super Admin on the Lever Hire account should navigate to their integration settings page and locate the Sterling integration.

3. Select the toggle to expand the window, and then click the "Send Request to Enable" button.

Lever sterling integration set up with toggle and send request to enable button outlined.

4. A Lever support representative will automatically be notified of your request and will reach out to request the following information:

  • Sterling Client Id: Lever needs the Sterling Client Id of your account to configure the integration. 
  • Sterling Authentication Key: Lever needs your Sterling Authentication in order to authenticate the integration with Sterling.
  • Trigger Stage: The pipeline stage in Lever that automatically triggers the Sterling background check package. (e.g., Background Check).
  • Default Package (Optional): The package that you want to run automatically when a candidate is advanced to the Trigger Stage. If a Sterling package name is specified in a tag on the candidate profile, we will run that specific package instead of the Default Package.
  • Stage on Clear (Optional): The pipeline stage that you want the candidate to automatically advance to when the Sterling background check clears.
  • Show Results (Optional): The results of the candidate's background check will appear as a tag on their profile (e.g., "sterling - alert", "sterling - clear", or "sterling - n/a"), should you decide to enable this functionality.
  • Authorization: Lever requires that a Super Admin on the account provide authorization to add the appropriate API key and webhook settings in your Lever account - do not delete these, or the integration will stop working!

Creating a Sterling Order from Lever

Once you’ve completed setup, any candidate that is advanced to your Trigger Stage will be sent an email from Sterling to complete the background check. Lever will send candidate details including name, email address, and the candidate's Lever Candidate Id to Sterling. This data will be used to pre-populate a Sterling order for the candidate as demonstrated in the flowchart and screenshot below. In this example, the tag "Standard Package 1" is the name of the Sterling package used for the candidate's background check.

Lever candidate profile with arrow pointing to tag.

The candidate will then receive an email invitation from Sterling to begin the background check process. Once the invitation has been sent, Lever will add the tag "sterling - new" to the candidate profile. The candidate then fills out the Sterling background check form. Once the candidate finishes filling out the form, the tag “sterling - pending” is added to the candidate profile. There will only be one Sterling status tag on a candidate's profile at any given time. 

A full table of the possible tags can be seen below. There will only be one Sterling tag on a candidate's profile at any given time.

Lever Tag

Sterling Order Status Description

sterling - new

The screening request has been initiated

sterling - cancelled

The screening request has been cancelled

sterling - pending

The screening request is in progress

sterling - error

The screening request errored out or expired during processing due to system-related issues

sterling - release

Indicates that the submitter didn’t select to use Sterling electronic disclosure and authorization form. Therefore, either through the integration or through a manual process, the release form must be provided to Sterling

sterling - completed

The screening request is complete

sterling - alert


At least one subcomponent of the screening report includes a discrepancy. If any subcomponent returns an “alert” value, the entire report will display as an “Alert”. Examples include: Employment and/or Education verification results (i.e. Discrepancy or Unable to Verify) etc.

sterling - clear


All subcomponents returned a “clear” value meaning there is nothing the customer has to review. We always advise customers to review all reports, but each subcomponent returned a clear value

sterling - n/a

There are a few products where a result can’t be determined and therefore the value is N/A. For example, Sterling won’t determine if a credit report has an “alert” or “clear” status 

sterling - meets criteria

 Passed all screenings

sterling - review

Minor discrepancies in one or more screenings, need client review

sterling - does not meet criteria - review

Failed screening criteria, need client decision

Once the candidate has been sent to Sterling, you'll be able to see the pending Sterling invitations in the Upcoming Due Dates section in the Sterling dashboard: 

SterlingOne platform with list of sterling invitations and list of upcoming due dates.


Once the candidate submits the background check form, the Sterling status will change to “sterling - pending”. When the background check is complete, the tag in Lever will change to "sterling - completed" as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Lever candidate profile with arrows pointing to sterling-completed tag and sterling link.

When the detailed background check report becomes available, the integration will add a gated Sterling link to the links section of the candidate profile as shown in the above screenshot. You will need to login to Sterling to view this link. 

Overriding your Default Package

During setup, you have the option to provide a default package to send to all candidates that reach the trigger stage. However, you can also run different packages for different roles and candidates! In order to override the default package (or select a package if you did not provide a default package), simply add a tag with the name of the Sterling package to the candidate's profile before advancing them to the trigger stage! Remember that you can automatically tag candidates on Posting-by-Posting basis. 

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