Viewing candidates associated with requisitions

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Part of requisition management involves keeping track of how many candidates you have associated with your requisitions at any given time. Monitoring the volume of candidates that have been hired or are close to being hired against a requisition can help you ensure that you are allocating headcount appropriately and keeping time-to-fill as low as possible. For a general overview of how requisitions work, refer to our help article on creating and managing requisitions.

Methods for associating candidates with requisitions

There are two ways in which a requisition can be associated with a candidate's opportunity:

1) Offers
Headcount on the requisition linked to the offer is reserved when the offer is sent to the candidate. If you have set up offer approvals in your Lever instance, headcount for the candidate will be reserved when their offer is submitted for approval. To learn more, refer to our help article on requesting offer approval. The offer remains connected with the requisition until the offer is deleted or declined, or the candidate is hired.

2) Job postings
When you mark a candidate's opportunity as 'Hired', it is counted against the hired headcount for the requisition linked to the opportunity's posting. To learn more, refer to our help article on linking job postings and requisitions.

Viewing candidates associated with requisitions

To view candidates associated with requisitions, navigate to the Jobs section of Lever and click the 'Requisitions' tab. The requisitions list contains two columns that show tallies of candidates hired and those with active offers for each requisition.

Requisitions page in Lever

Active offers include offers that are sent out for approval, offers sent to the candidate, and signed offers. When a candidate's opportunity is marked as 'Hired', they will stop counting toward the active offers tally for their requisition and instead count toward the hired tally. Clicking the numbers in these columns will reveal opportunity information for the associated candidates.

Pop-up extending from hired candidate tally for a requisition containing opportunity information for hired candidates

To see more information for a particular requisition, click on the requisition title or click the See all text in the opportunity details pop-up (shown above). On the 'Offers and hires' tab you will find additional details about each candidate's offer and opportunity.

Offers and Hires page of a requisition.

Frequently asked questions

Why are some of candidate details inaccessible to me?

You may find that in some cases you unable to view information about particular candidates that are associated with requisitions. This can occur in the following circumstances:

  • The candidate has been anonymized
  • You do not have access to the candidate profile
  • You do not have access to view the candidate's offer details

The image below shows what a user would see if they the did not have access to the profile of a candidate associated with a requisition.

Entry under Hires list on requistion reads no access; pop-up extends from text reading 'You don't have access to see this candidate'

Can I export information about candidates associated with requisitions?

Requisition related data can be downloaded through Visual Insights. Requisitions details can be exported via the Requisitions export. Information about candidates hired against requisitions can be exported via the Opportunities export (see the 'Requisition for Hire ID' and 'Requisition for Hire Requisition Code' columns in the export). To learn more, refer to our help article on exports. Note, you may not have access to all exports depending on your user-level permissions.

What should I do if I accidentally delete a candidate's opportunity that is associated with a requisition?

Contact Lever's Support team, as they will be able to retrieve the deleted candidate's information.

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