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Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise


This article depicts and describes Lever's Structured Contact Location feature included in the Winter 2024 Product Release, scheduled to rollout progressively in February 2024. For full details, refer to our Winter 2024 Product Release Notes.

This article covers adding a new candidate manually to your Lever environment. To learn about adding referrals, visit our help article on submitting referrals. To learn about importing multiple candidates at once, refer to our help article on bulk importing candidates

Note that Lever automatically prevents duplication of candidate profiles if a candidate applies to multiple postings with the same email address. However, when candidates are manually added to Lever it is still possible to inadvertently create duplicate profiles. For more information on managing duplicate candidates refer to our help article on merging duplicate candidate profiles

Adding new candidates

Adding a candidate will create a general opportunity and a new candidate profile. 

  • Click + Add Candidate button above the opportunity list

Arrow pointing to Add candidate button above opportunity list

Adding resumes

Add a resume by clicking on the + Add resume button or drag a document into the 'Upload resume' area. Lever’s resume parser will add information from the resume to the candidate summary including their candidate's name, organization, and contact details. For more information on adding resumes, refer to our help article on adding and deleting resumes

Candidate profile with box outlining add resume section

By default, the stage is set as 'New Lead', the Origin as 'Sourced', and the source tag as 'Added manually.' 

Candidate profile with source and via added manually highlighted

Adding candidate contact information

You can add and update candidate contact information in the candidate profile, including location, e-mail, and phone number. 

With Lever's 2024 Structured Contact Location release, the structured location field will be added to newly created candidate profiles. When adding candidates to Lever either directly, via the Lever Chrome Extension, or by referral form, the contact location field will be parsed from the uploaded candidate resume.

If you do not upload a resume or a location is not parseable, the location field provides a dropdown of verifiable, standardized locations. As you type into the location field, the location recommendations menu will appear. 

Candidate profile with arrow pointing to contact location field with drop down options menu.

If you type in a location that cannot be verified, you will see a warning asking you to select a verified location.

Candidate contact location field showing unverified location warning.

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