Scheduling interviews

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As candidates reach the interview stages of your pipeline, you will want to maintain the forward momentum in their recruitment journey by booking them in for screening calls and on-sites with hiring managers. Operating the scheduler is a key skill that you and your team will need to master as you manage candidates through their recruitment experience.

Operating the scheduler

Start by navigating to the 'Interview' section of the pipeline to find an opportunity awaiting scheduling. Opportunities in an interview stage that have not yet been scheduled for an interview will have a Schedule button appear next to their entry on the opportunity list.

Click this button to open the scheduler, which will allow you to schedule the interview without having to open the opportunity profile, saving you time when you have a large number of interviews to book.

Candidate list with blue schedule button outlined

Alternatively, interviews can be scheduled with a candidate by clicking into their opportunity and selecting the call-to-action button or the calendar icon at the top of their profile.

candidate profile with calendar icon and schedule interview button outlined

In the scheduler, you have the ability to manually configure the date and interviews for this recruiter screen, including adding interviewers and feedback forms.

interview scheduler window

Note that if there is an interview plan set up for the stage, you can load the default schedule to populate the interviewer and feedback form. Even if you are using the default interview plan for this stage, you still have the ability to include additional interviewers. Learn more about interview plans from our help article on creating and using interview plans.

Scheduler with use default scheduler outlined

If the interviews that you are adding have synced their calendar with Lever, you can even view their availability to make sure that you are scheduling the interview at a time that works for them. 

Availability finder showing two google calendar views

Setting up interview panels

An interview panel is a series of one or more interview events that are scheduled as part of the same scheduling action. An interview event is a scheduled interaction between a candidate and one or more interviewers. You can click-and-drag to rearrange the order of events and interviewers, as well as adjust the time, duration, and feedback form associated with each interaction.

Before proceeding, set the location for each event. This example uses Zoom, but you you can also use Microsoft Teams or a physical room in your office.

interview scheduler modal with add zoom link option outlined

To provide a more streamlined candidate experience, you can copy the link from the first interview event into the location field for the second interview event, that way the candidate can stay in the same Zoom room for both interviews. 

interview scheduler modal with zoom links outlined

On the next screen you can review and edit the event titles and description as well as configure how often feedback reminders will go out to the interviewers after the interview. You also have the option to send an email and a calendar invitation to the candidate to let them know that the interview has been scheduled.

interview scheduler modal with add event details, feedback reminders, and notify candidate highlighted

On the invitation preview, you can add personalized notes to the interviewers that will show up in their calendar event. The opportunity list will show that the candidate is now scheduled for their recruiter screen and the event will appear on the interviewer's synced calendar. The calendar event also contains a link to the candidate's resume and the feedback. 

google calendar event with arrows pointing to zoom and resume links

Configuring interview event details

To reschedule or modify the interview, click back into the opportunity profile. Click the Reschedule button on the upcoming interview banner. You can also click Cancel interview button which appears when you hover over the upcoming interview banner. 

candidate profile with arrows pointing to reschedule interview and cancel interview

For full steps on rescheduling interviews, refer to our help article on rescheduling interviews.


Analytics related to interview data can be found on the Interviews dashboard in Visual Insights. To learn more, refer to our Interviews dashboard help article.
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