Snowflake Data Sharing

Available for Roles Super Admin
Permissions • Manage Data Warehouse Sync integration
Packages Advanced Analytics add-on
Also requires that your organization has its own Snowflake instance

If your organization uses Snowflake to power your analytics, you can use Lever's Snowflake Data Sharing feature to connect your raw Lever data to your own Snowflake instance. Lever has partnered with Snowflake to provide all of your reporting data through Snowflake's Secure Data Sharing technology.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a single fully managed data cloud used to store, share, and query large volumes of enterprise-level data. Snowflake is used as a data warehouse to centralize information from various systems being across an organization.

Lever uses Snowflake to power the dashboards in Visual Insights - Lever's in-app analytics engine.

How does Snowflake Data Sharing work?

Enabling Snowflake Data Sharing in your Lever environment gives you nearly instant access to your raw Lever data directly in your organization's Snowflake instance. With direct access to your talent acquisition data, you can query and blend Lever data with other data sources. As with Visual Insights, Snowflake data refreshes hourly, meaning the data that is available in your organization's data warehouse is just as recent as the metrics you find on the dashboards in Lever.

Snowflake Data Sharing vs. Data Warehouse Sync

Both Snowflake Data Sharing (SDS) and Data Warehouse Sync (DWS) features provide access to a complete set of your raw Lever data. Lever recommends utilizing SDS over DWS if possible. To learn more, refer to our Data Warehouse Sync help article. Below is a breakdown of the differences between DWS and Snowflake Data Sharing:

  Snowflake Data Sharing Data Warehouse Sync
Data host Snowflake AWS Athena
Refresh cadence Hourly Daily
Queries Data can be queried live Data must be copied into your organization's business intelligence tool/data warehouse before it can be queried. Data can only be copied once per day.
Requirements Must have a Snowflake instance in a supported region Flexible; can be used with many industry standard technologies


Note that data from both Snowflake Data Sharing and Data Warehouse Sync both adhere to the same  reporting schema.

Enabling Snowflake Data Sharing


Snowflake Data Sharing can only be enabled and configured by users with Super Admin level access. If you are enabling Snowflake Data Sharing for the first time, contact Lever Support and request that the feature be made available in your account. 

To enable Snowflake Data Sharing:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Reporting Warehouse
  • Click the Snowflake Data Sharing button

Reporting Warehouse page in Integration and API settings; Snowflake Data Sharing button is outlined.

  • Select a cloud and region
    • Lever's Snowflake Data Sharing supports four regional providers:
      • AWS US East (North Virginia)
      • AWS US East (Ohio)
      • AWS US West (Oregon)
      • GCP EU West (Netherlands)
  • Input the account identifier associated with your Snowflake instance (for assistance, refer to Snowflake's documentation on how to determine your account identifier)
  • Click the Provision button
    • The provisioning process can take up to 10 minutes. Once the process is complete, your Lever data is available in your Snowflake instance.
    • Data will appear in your Snowflake instance as a view. When interacting with the Snowflake Share, make sure you are looking at the 'Views' section (not the 'Tables' section).
  • If you do not see the Snowflake Share show up in your account, re-sync by de-provisioning and  re-provisioning Snowflake Data Sharing. If the issue persists, contact Lever Support

Snowflake Data Sharing configuration fields

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