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This article depicts and describes Lever's User Workspace approval request enhancement included in the Summer 2024 Product Release, scheduled to rollout progressively in August 2024. For full details, refer to our Summer 2024 Product Release Notes.   

Lever's User Workspace centralizes the tasks, reminders, and information most relevant to each individual user. All roles will have access to this page, and will see certain items depending on their user role and permissions. 

Accessing the User Workspace

Upon login, all users will be directed to the lever User Workspace, the Home page.

Lever User Workspace.

Elements of the User Workspace

Your Tasks

This widget contains the number of outstanding items listed below. By clicking each item, the user will be directed to the page where they can complete each of these items. If a user has no outstanding items for a certain task, a green checkmark will be displayed indicating this. Depending on permissions, some of these may be hidden.

  • Feedback to complete → Interviews page
  • Applicants to review → Fast Resume Review
  • Opportunities that are expiring soon (GDPR only) → Filtered Candidates page
  • Opportunities that need to be anonymized soon (GDPR only) → Filtered Candidates page
  • Opportunities that are missing consent (GDPR only) → Filtered Candidates page
  • Open data requests → Visual Insights Compliance Dashboard

Lever User Workspace Your Tasks section

Note that the number displayed for Fast Resume Review may be different from the one that is displayed on the Candidates page. This is because the number there varies based on what filters a user decides to apply (i.e. owned by me/all).

Lever Fast Resume Review

Also with Fast Resume Review, the count on the Candidates page will include snoozed candidates but will not surface them when the user is actually going through the Fast Resume Review process. As such, the Lever User Workspace is configured to to display the number of applicants a user owns without including snoozed candidates in the count in order to provide a more clear and consistent process.

Key indicators

Key indicators are counts for main areas of ownership (or following) for the individual user. Clicking each item will take you to the corresponding filtered page. For candidates, the number will be a sum of all active candidates across sections. For jobs and requisitions, the number will be for those that are open.

Lever User Workspace KPIs section.

  • Candidates you own → Candidates page filtered for 'My jobs' and 'Open'
  • Candidates you follow → Candidates page filtered for 'Followed candidates'
  • Jobs you own / follow → Jobs page filtered for 'All open jobs'
  • Requisitions you own → Jobs page > Requisitions tab filtered for 'Open'

Upcoming Interviews

Information about user’s upcoming interviews will be displayed. This is displayed for all users regardless of user role or permissions.

Lever User Workspace Upcoming Interviews section.

  • Clicking an item will open the feedback form for that interview


Outstanding feedback the user needs to provide and recently completed feedback will be displayed. This is displayed for all users regardless of user role or permissions.

There are two tabs in the Feedback section: Outstanding and Completed.

Lever User Workspace Feedback section.

  • Clicking Complete feedback will open the feedback form to complete.
  • Under 'More,' the user will also be able to dismiss the feedback request or navigate to the candidate’s profile

Pending approval requests

This section displays approval requests that are pending and were created by or are assigned to the user.

Click on the Filter by menu to choose to view only approvals 'Assigned to me' or 'Created by me'. 

There are four tabs to filter by type: Overview, Postings, Requisitions, and Offers. Users will also be able to remind approvers from the widget (functions the same way it does if user resends the request from the flyover). 

Clicking Review Approval will open the Approval Request Review page where users can view a summary of all the job posting, requisition, or offer details required for approval. From here, you can approve or reject the request, or approve or reject by proxy if you have the appropriate user permissions configured. To learn more about proxy approvals, please refer to our help article on approving by proxy

Quick Links

All users will see links to the following items.

Lever User Workspace Quick links section.

  • Internal job board → Your Lever environment's internal job site
  • Refer a candidate → Referrals page > Referred candidates tab
  • Lever Help Center → Lever Help Center
  • Contact Support → Lever Support request form
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