Adding your LinkedIn Company ID to the LinkedIn job board integration

Available for Roles Super Admin
Permissions • Manage API credentials and manage integrations
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

With Lever’s LinkedIn job board integration, you can automatically push your published job postings to LinkedIn. In order to associate your postings with your LinkedIn company page, you can enter your LinkedIn Company ID into Lever. Inputting your LinkedIn Company ID when setting up the LinkedIn job board integration in Lever expedites the process for getting your organization's postings to appear on LinkedIn.

Where do I enter my LinkedIn Company ID?

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  • Scroll to the 'Job boards' section
  • Click Edit next to the LinkedIn toggle
  • Input your Company ID in the corresponding field
    • Your Company ID is a string of numbers normally between 6 and 9 digits long

LinkedIn integration tile with arrow pointing to company ID field

Finding your LinkedIn Company ID

To find your Company ID, navigate to your company’s page on LinkedIn. There will be two different ways to find your ID.

Method 1: See all jobs

  • On your organization's LinkedIn page, navigate to 'Jobs'
  • Click See all jobs

Arrows pointing to Jobs tab and See all jobs link on a company's LinkedIn page

You will see the search results for all jobs that are connected to your company.

  • Your Company ID is the 6-9 digit number in the address bar after “?f_C=” and before “&location”. 
  • Copy this number and enter it in the LinkedIn section of your Job Board integrations.

Company ID underlined in URL bar of company's LinkedIn jobs page

Method 2: See all employees

This method works if you don't have any jobs currently posted to LinkedIn. From organization's LinkedIn page, click See all [X] employees on LinkedIn.

See all employees linked outlined on company's LinkedIn page

From there, copy the digits that in quotation marks after "%5B"

Company ID outlined in URL bar of company's LinkedIn employees page

If you are turning on the integration for the first time, your jobs should show up on LinkedIn and be connected to your company page within two business days. Any updates you make to your postings within Lever will be reflected on LinkedIn within 24 hours.

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