Setting up mail flow rules in the Exchange Admin Center for limited sync (Office 365)

Available for Roles Super Admin (Lever) + Admin (Office 365)
Permissions • Manage company email and suite sync settings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Limited sync is a great option for companies with security policies that restrict third-party apps from having read access to email. When you enable limited sync for your Lever environment, users that opt into our email integration will only grant Lever permission to send emails via their Google or Office 365 work account and candidate responses will not sync back to Lever.

Before setting up mail flow rules in the Exchange Center, a Super Admin must enable limited sync in your Lever company settings. For more information, refer to our help article on enabling limited email sync.

As an Admin for your Office 365 Exchange instance, you can configure auto-forwarding inbound rules in the Exchange Admin Center.

  • Click Mail flow in the left sidebar
  • Click on the plus (+) symbol and Create a new rule

Exchange admin center with arrow pointing to create a new rule

  • In the editor click More options…

New rule editor with arrow pointing to more options

From here, add the limited sync rule by completing the following steps:


When completing the follow steps, keep in mind that user on accounts that are hosted on Lever's EU data center will set up rules in the Exchange Admin Center using (instead of You can determine if your account is hosted on the EU data centre by referring to the URL that you use to log in to Lever (
  • Name - add a name for the rule such as 'Lever email routing'
  • *Apply this rule if:
    • Add the condition from the dropdown menu A message header…
    • Select matches these text patterns
    • Click Enter text... and in the specify header name window, name this 'References'
    • Click *Enter text pattern... and in the specify words or phrases window, add the text pattern '<>' or ''('' will be your domain)
  • *Do the following…
    • Select Add recipients… and to the Bcc box
      • The recipient should be '' or ''
      • ('' will be your domain)
  • Properties of this rule
    • Check Audit this rule with severity level and from the dropdown menu select Not specified
  • Choose a mode for this rule
    • Click Enforce
  • Click the Save button

Lever email routing window with fields filled

  • Ensure that the ON checkbox for the rule is ticked

Rule window with lever email routing checked

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