Scheduling interviews with Google Meet links (Google Workspace)

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Lever is fully integrated with Google Calendar, which makes it easy to view the availability of your interviewers and schedule them for an interview within a seamless workflow.

Scheduling interviews with Google Workspace

Start by navigating to the 'Interview' section of the pipeline to find an opportunity awaiting scheduling. Or, click into a candidate's opportunity and select the call-to-action button or the calendar icon at the top of their profile. Customize the time of your interviews, interviewers, and interview plans. For full steps on configuring interviews, refer to our help article on scheduling interviews.

Candidate profile; schedule interview and calendar buttons outlined.

Lever supports conference room booking through Google Calendar. For more details refer to our help article on setting up conference rooms in Google Workspace. We also recommend using a shared “Interviews” calendar, which can make it easier to schedule interviews with multiple attendees. Find full instructions in our help article on setting up shared calendars.

On the invitation preview, you can add personalized notes to the interviewers that will show up in their calendar event. The opportunity list will show that the candidate is now scheduled for their recruiter screen and the event will appear on the interviewer's synced calendar. The calendar event also contains a link to the candidate's resume and the feedback. 

Google calendar event with arrows pointing to Zoom link and Lever feedback link


Calendar events only sync in one-direction, so you must reschedule interviews in Lever, not on Google Calendar, in order to correctly reschedule reminder emails.

Adding and removing Google Meet links in Google Calendar invites

Adding and removing Google Meet links for Google Calendar invitations is a setting that must be configured in your organization's G Suite domain by your Google Administrator. To change the configuration of this setting, advise your organization's Google Administrator to follow these steps:

  • Access Google Administrator settings at
  • Navigate to Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Calendar > Sharing settings and click to edit
  • Scroll to the 'Video conferencing' section and click to edit

Check the Automatically add video conferencing to events users create to automatically add Google Meet links to calendar invitations that are created when scheduling an interview in Lever. When a calendar invitation is sent to the candidate, the Google Meet link that is included will match the links in the calendar invitations sent to the interviewers. When this box is unchecked, Google Meet links will not be automatically included in calendar invites.



Matching Google Meet links will also be added to calendar invitations created when using Easy Book. To learn more, refer to our help article on Easy Book links.
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