How Lever supports Google Analytics 4


Google Analytics provides detailed insight into how applicants interact with your job page - enabling you to track and interpret user behavior on your job site to better reach your hiring goals. For full information on set up and tracking user behavior, refer to our help article on using Google Analytics with Lever.

How Lever supports Google Analytics 4

On July 1, 2023 all standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing data. Google requires users of the older version of Google Analytics ("Universal Analytics" or "UA") to move to Google Analytics 4 ("GA4") by July 1. Up until that date, Lever will be backwards compatible with both UA as well as GA4 to ensure you have the time to migrate.

Lever's systems have been updated to support the latest version of Google Analytics. To capture page views on your Lever hosted job site, update your Google Analytics property to GA4 by following the steps outlined in Google's Help Article on making the switch to Google Analytics 4.

Updating Lever settings after migrating to Google Analytics 4

Once you have updated your account to use GA4, enter the provided Measurement ID to Lever. Your Measurement ID will start with a G followed by 10 digits (G-XXXXXXXXXX). To find your Measurement ID, follow the steps outlined in Google's help article.

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Job Site > Setup tab
  • In the 'Tracking' section, input your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID in the Google Analytics field
  • Click Save Changes 


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