Using advanced search and rediscovery

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Using advanced search and rediscovery enables you easily locate or rediscover the best candidates. Advanced search is an advanced functionality of Lever's search feature, using keyword and boolean search and filter tools. To learn more about Lever's search feature refer to our help article on searching the database for candidates.

Using advanced search

Locate specific candidates (or groups of candidates) in your database with keywords and an array of searchable fields, including years of experience, company, title, and education.

To run an advanced search, click into the search bar in the platform header. 

  • At the bottom of the dropdown that appears, click Advanced Search

Lever advanced search bar open with arrow pointing to the advanced search link.

You will be taken to the Advanced search page.

  • Enter a boolean search in the Search for candidates field and/or fill in the filter fields to build your search
  • Click + Add filters to add additional filters to the search
  • Click the blue Search candidates button

Lever advanced search page with arrows pointing to search field, filter by fields, add filters button and search button.

Available filters are:

  • Job posting
  • Stage/archive reason
    • Filter for opportunities in your search results based on their location in the pipeline or archive. Setting this filter to 'Archive' will allow you to further filter search results by opportunities' archive reasons as well as their last stage reached in the active part of the pipeline (prior to being archived).
  • Owners
  • Origins
  • Sources
  • Tags
  • Locations
    • The location filter allows searching by city or country but not state or region. This is because Lever searches within 100 miles of a selected location for any non-country.
  • Skills
  • Last interaction
  • Average rating
  • Application question
  • GDPR
    • Only appears if GDPR is enabled; returns opportunities based on if the candidate is protected by GDPR, open to future jobs, or due to be anonymized.
  • Data Compliance
    • Only appears if Data Compliance is enabled; returns opportunities based on if the candidate is protected by a Data Compliance policy, open to future jobs, or due to be anonymized.
  • Company
    • Filter for candidates who have experience at particular companies. Companies are parsed from the candidates’ resumes.
  • Job titles
    • Filter based on job titles that have been parsed from the resume.
  • Education
    • Filter based on schools/universities that have been parsed from the candidates resume.
  • Years of experience
    • Filter for candidates based on how many years of experience they have. Years of experience are calculated based on parsed dates from the candidate’s resume.

The search algorithm will look for any parseable content attached to candidate profiles and opportunities including resumes, notes, and feedback forms. The advanced search results page will list the candidates along with the search bar at the top and filters on the left hand side. 

You will also be taken to this advanced search results page when you submit a search from the Candidates List and there are multiple results. To learn more about Lever's search feature refer to our help article on searching the database for candidates.

Content in the profile that matches the search is highlighted in blue.

Advanced search page with arrow pointing to Toronto highlighted in blue.

Search result visibility

The opportunities and candidate profiles that appear on search will be impacted by a user's access role in Lever. For example, opportunities associated with hired candidates will not appear in the search results to a user that is not a Super Admin, does not have the necessary Sensitive Information Privileges, or is neither the owner or hiring manager on the posting against which a candidate was hired. Similarly, search results for Limited Team Members will be limited to opportunities associated with postings to which they have access.

Filtering and operating the advanced search results page

You can refine your search from the search results page as well as take bulk actions just as you do in the candidates page.

  • Refine your search with the filters on the left side of the full search results page.
  • Select candidates in the list or use the Select all candidates button to use the bulk action tool bar.

Advanced search page with arrow pointing bulk action toolbar and lefthand filters menu outlined.


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