Enabling and using the Agora integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• (To configure) Manage offer letter templates, fields, and forms
• (To use) Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The Agora integration allows talent acquisition teams to automatically create an Agora offer when using Lever's offer workflow. The data will automatically flow from Lever to Agora. Fully create the Agora offer letter in Lever without needing to log into the Agora (with some exceptions, outlined below). The unique Offer Letter url is pushed back into Lever immediately after creation. Candidates do not need to create an Agora account to view their offer letter. All offer letters are saved within Agora (and accessible through Lever) even after a candidate accepts the offer. Thus, allowing the candidate to reference back to what was included in their total comp and allow talent acquisition teams to continue to use the modelling tools.

How the Agora integration works

By enabling the Agora integration, you can set up a streamlined workflow to create your offers in Agora based on changes in the candidate's stage within Lever. 

  • Candidate's stage changed to 'Offer' - an Agora Offer Letter will be created upon a candidate's stage being changed to 'Offer' and and the offer is in the 'Sent Manually' stage. 
  • Continuously updated - after an offer letter has been created, Agora will ping Lever every minute looking for changes to the offer's contents or if the offer has been marked as "Signed" or "Declined."
  • Candidate is deleted in Lever - the offer letter will be deleted in Agora. 

When an Agora Offer Letter has been created, a note will appear on the candidate's profile in Lever with their unique offer URL.


Note that outside of the ability to send the Agora Offer Letter URL into the candidate's notes in Lever, this is a one-way integration. Offer Letters created within Agora will not be pushed back to Lever

Setting up the Agora integration


In order to set up the Agora-Lever integration, you will need to be either an Owner or have Company Settings permissions enabled in Agora.

  • Navigate to Agora and log in.
  • Click on the Settings menu item on the left navigation. 

Agora offers page

  • Click ATS listed under the 'Integrations' menu item
  • Click the Connect button under the Lever icon

Agora ATS Integrations page with integrations and ats outlined in left hand menu

  • Click Configure Lever

Agora Lever Integration page with arrow pointing to configure lever button

Connect Lever 

To start the integration process, you will need to provide Agora with authorization to access Lever on your behalf. The integration requests the following set of authorizations:

  • View and manage all candidates’ notes: The integration will add a note to the Lever opportunity with the link to the newly created Agora offer.
  • View all candidates’ offers: The integration will use Lever offer data to populate and create the Agora offer.
  • View and manage all opportunities: The integration will add to the Lever opportunity a tag and a link to the newly created Agora offer.
  • View all users: The integration will be able to match the Lever opportunity creator with an Agora user.
  • Allow offline access: The integration will be able to create an Agora offer automatically in the background.

When you click Next, you will be prompted to log into Lever. 

Agora Connect Lever page with arrow pointing to purple next button

Review list of requested permissions. Click Accept.

Configuring the Agora integration

Webhook configuration

Agora uses webhooks to know when to create or update an Offer Letter. Webhooks are a way to send automated messages or information from one app to another, based on events or triggers. In this case, the Agora integration looks for the event when the stage of a candidate is changed to 'Offer' and an offer letter is created in Lever.

Webhooks also allow the Agora integration to see when a candidate's stage is later changed and update the Offer Letter accordingly when the offer in Lever is updated to "Signed" or "Declined." Agora also looks at the following events:

  • A candidate is archived 
  • A candidate stage changes
  • A candidate is hired 
  • A candidate is deleted (the offer letter is deleted in Agora)
  • On Agora, click the link to go to navigate to the Webhooks page in Lever and follow the instructions to grant appropriate access; click Next.

Agora lever webhooks page showing list of webhooks and arrow pointing to purple next button

Configure the offer form

The Agora integration connects fields from your current offer form in Lever to Agora to enable the automatic creation of offers. This mapping is done automatically for 20 standard fields in Lever. There may be additional fields in your Lever form (i.e. custom fields) that Agora is not able to pull through into the Offer Letter. Please reach out to Agora with any questions.

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Offers > Offer form to reference which fields are currently in your Lever offer form
  • Reference the mapping list below indicating the Agora fields and the corresponding supported Lever fields.
Agora Fields Lever Fields Notes
Assignee <searched in Agora based on recruiter_email> Assignee is the offer's creator/owner in Agora. The integration will match based off of the email email address. 
Base salary salary_amount  
Base salary pay period salary_interval Salary in Agora can be expressed as annual or hourly
Benefit package   The integration will always assign the Default benefits package in Agora. You must log into the Agora to make changes
Candidate address line 1 candidate_address_line_1  
Candidate address line 2 candidate_address_line_2  
Candidate first name <first part of 'name' from Lever opportunity>  
Candidate last name <second part of 'name' from Lever opportunity>  
Candidate email Candidates's email in Lever The integration looks for the first 'email' from candidate's Lever record
Currency compensation_currency If not available, the integration will use the company's default currency set in your preferences in Agora
Display Location location_office This is a free form text field in Agora and will show the location the candidate will see on their Agora offer.
Type of shares equity_type  
Job title job_title  
Number of shares offered_equity  
Sign-on bonus offered_bonus + offered_starting/signing_bonus Both of these Lever fields will populate the Sign On Bonus field in Agora
Start date anticipated_start_date  
Status Candidates's stage in Lever Indicates the status of the offer. The stage may be 'published', 'accepted', or 'declined' in Agora
Target Bonus Amount offered_annual_bonus  
Target bonus % target_bonus_percent (custom field) This is a custom Agora field you can add in Lever. Create a new field in Lever and enter Target Bonus Percent in the description, and Number as type
Expires (valid until date) offer_expiration_date If there is no expiration date in Lever, Agora will set the expiration to two months from the offer creation date


  • Click Done to complete the integration
  • Try creating a test offer to make sure everything works as expected

Using the Agora integration

Once the integration is set up, an Agora Offer Letter is generated automatically for every offer made in Lever. 


Keep in mind that historical offers will also be pulled in to the Agora platform.

The candidate's unique Offer Letter URL will appear on the opportunity page in Lever for that candidate.

The integration will also tag the opportunity with an "Agora Offer" tag and add a note, for clarity.

Lever candidate profile with agora offer and offer section outlined

Within Agora, you will see that indicated on the Offers page when the Lever icon appears. Offers without that icon were manually created in Agora.

Agora offers page with candidate in list outlined

Click on the candidate in the list to pull up their record. On the candidate record, the Lever icon shows up next to their name and within the activity log. Any changes made within Lever will be reflected here.

Agora platform showing candidate profile and lever created the offer outlined

Editing offers

There are only three things that can be edited within Agora after an Offer Letter has been created in Lever:

Agora greets from the teamsection

  • Select a legal document template and co-signer; this only applies to companies who have set up Agora's Docusign Integration
  • Change the Benefits package from the default to another package; an Admin user with Company Setting permissions can set up new Benefits packages

Agora platform showing edit offer section and lever generated offer notification outlined


  • With the exception of pushing the Agora Offer Letter URL into the candidate's notes within Lever, the Agora/Lever Integration is a one-way integration. Offer Letters created within Agora will not be pushed back to Lever. Changes to an offer's status or Docusign status within Agora (i.e. marking the offer as 'Accepted' will not make trigger changes within Lever). 
  • You currently are unable to select the non-default benefits package within Lever. If the candidate you are creating an offer that does not have the default benefits package, you will need to remove or change it within Agora.
  • You are unable to select the non-default vesting schedule if you have more than one created in Agora. 
  • If you are using Agora's Docusign integration, you will need to log into the Agora app to select the legal document template and co-signer you intend to use.
  • If you would like to include Greets in your offer letter, you will need to log into Agora to get the Greets URL to share with team members who wish to add welcome messages to the letter.
  • You are not able to create flexible offers within Lever. Flexible offers will need to be created within Agora. 
  • You are not able to update the Equity Value or Target Commission fields in the Agora offer letter when the letter has been created in Lever as those fields are non-standard fields in Lever that are not supported by the integration. If you need to create an offer with those fields, you will need to create the offer within the Agora app. 

Disabling the Agora integration:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Authorized Apps
  • Locate the Agora app
  • Click Revoke Access

The integration can also be disabled from the Agora integration menu.

Disconnect from Lever confirmation message with red disconnect button

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