Enabling and using the Puck integration

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Lever works seamlessly with Puck to create beautiful, content-rich pages that showcase your employer brand for prospective candidates.

Once you have worked with the Puck team to create your job site, there is no setup required in Lever — it just works!

As you make changes to your jobs in Lever, they will be automatically pulled into Puck pages, ensuring that the title & job description content stays in-sync.  Any rich text or HTML content that you add to your Lever job descriptions will be reproduced on your Puck job pages.

If you want to modify which audio podcast recordings appear on which job pages, you can log-in to your Puck account on the Puck website and make the changes in your admin dashboard.

To modify your job page branding, such as changing your name or logo, contact your Puck account representative.

Puck offers:

  • Fast and high quality content creation
  • New career pages that highlight your team’s stories
  • Social referral flow that leverages your team’s stories
  • Team and marketing landing pages with your team’s stories

Puck's customers experience better visibility for their employer brand, upgraded candidate experience and improvements across the hiring process. 

Places recruiting teams leverage content:

  • Interview invitations
  • Emails to prospective and engaged candidates
  • Sourcing and cold outreach
  • Marketing landing pages

How it works

  1. It starts with a conversation. Join Puck for a 15 minute call where their host will ask you questions and record a mini-podcast. 
  2. Puck will produce a short segment and include it in your job pages. 
  3. You can also share wherever you want with Puck, including LinkedIn, and candidate outreach.

How to disable the integration:

Work with your Puck representative to disable the ingestion of job data. 

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