Enabling and using the career.place integration

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The career.place integration will connect any job (qualification funnel) in career.place to any job in Lever. Once the job is connected, all candidates that apply to that job will receive an email inviting them to qualify through the qualification funnel in career.place.

The career.place integration keeps Lever informed of the status of each candidate through the use of tags and notes on the candidate's record. When a candidate becomes qualified through the funnel, they are progressed to a pre-determined stage on the Lever. 

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Setting up the career.place integration


Access role must be Super Admin in Lever to set up the integration. You must be a team or organization with admin rights in career.place to install this integration.
  • In career.place, navigate to Settings

Arrow pointing to gear icon in career.place platform header

  • Click the 'Integrations' tab

Arrow pointing to gear icon on career.place Organization Settings page

  • Scroll down to the 'Lever' section
  • Click the Connect Lever Account button

Arrow pointing to Connect Lever Account button in career.place

  • On the modal, log in with your Lever credentials
  • Review the list of requested permissions; click Accept

Authorization modal listing request permissions with arrow pointing to Accept button

  • You will be redirected to the 'Integration' tab in the career.place 'Organization Settings' screen
  • Scroll back down to the Lever section
  • Select the Lever stage that candidates will be moved to when they are deemed qualified by career.place

Arrow pointing to stage selection dropdown in career.place platform

If an error occurs, contact career.place support at support@career.place.

Configuring the career.place integration

Setting up the webhook in Lever

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Webhooks
  • Toggle the 'Application Created' webhook to the on (blue) position if it is not already enabled

Arrow pointing Application Created toggle on Webhooks page in Lever settings

  • Click + Add webhook

Arrow pointing to Add webook link under Application Created toggle on Webhooks page in Lever settings

  • On the "https://" field, copy and paste the following url: app.career.place/api/integrations/lever/webhooks/application

Arrow pointing to URL field on Application Created webhook tile in Lever settings

  • Click Verify Connection to ensure the integration works

If an error occurs, contact support at support@career.place.

Using the career.place integration

Connecting a Lever job to a career.place Qualification Funnel


In career.place, qualification funnels are simply called "Jobs"
  • In Lever, create a job posting
  • In career.place, create a job (to learn how, refer to career.place's quick start guide)
  • On the career.place job detail screen, click the 'Integrations' menu item on the left hand navigation

Arrow pointing to Integrations option on career.place job detail screen

  • The Lever option will automatically be selected
  • Select the Lever job to which to integrate the career.place job

Arrow pointing to job selection dropdown in career.place

  • After a job has been selected, any candidate that applies to the Lever job will be invited into the corresponding career.place qualification funnel

Viewing updates on Lever

The career.place integration updates candidate opportunities in Lever through the use of tags and notes.

The following tags are used to update the career.place qualification status in Lever. All tags will include the prefix "CP-" (CP standing for career.place). 

  • CP-Sent: Candidate was sent an invitation email to start the qualification funnel process in career.place. Candidates are sent reminder emails for up to two and a half weeks after which they will be deemed as opted-out.
  • CP-InProg: Candidate is in-progress in career.place. This can mean they are still filling out what is required or, if they submitted, that the employer's "job team" is reviewing Homework or Video Interview responses (if either or both are configured)
  • CP-Unqual: Candidate was deemed as unqualified. Details as to why the candidate was unqualified are saved in under the opportunity notes in Lever.
  • CP-Qual: Candidate was deemed qualified and then moved to the appropriate stage in the Interview Plan for next steps in the hiring process.

Notes are saved in Lever to timestamp various steps of the career.place qualification process. When a candidate starts the process in career.place, the integration will add the "CP-InProg" tag to the Lever opportunity and create a note that includes a hyperlink back to the candidate's career.place "applicant card". 

career.place note on candidate profile in Lever

Additional details regarding the candidate's progress are available on career.place. When a candidate becomes unqualified, the integration adds a note to the Lever opportunity with the reason.

career.place note on candidate profile in Lever specifying that candidate is unqualified


Reach out to career.place support either by email (support@career.place) or by using the support portal on the career.place application (purple circle at the bottom right of the application screen).

Disabling the career.place integration

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  • Under the Authorized Apps tab, locate the career.place app
  • Click Revoke Access to disable the integration
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