Enabling and using the LeetCode Enterprise integration

Available for User roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be configured by Super Admins
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The LeetCode integration allows you to quickly create LeetCode online interviews and schedule assessments for candidates. By providing more insights and comparisons with millions of submissions on LeetCode, the LeetCode integration will help talent acquisition teams improve gauging of candidate skills. 

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If you're interested in using the LeetCode integration, please reach out to your LeetCode account manager or directly to LeetCode Customer Support at support@lingkou.com.

Setup the integration:


Access role must be Super Admin in Lever to set up the integration. You must be a team or organization with admin rights in LeetCode to install this integration.

Enable the Lever Integration in LeetCode

  • Log in as a Super Admin on LeetCode. 
  • Navigate to Settings > App > Bound Applications
  • Click the Lever toggle. 

LeetCode platform Apps page with Lever card highlighted.

  • Click the Go to Lever button. 

Lever Bind App modal with Go to Lever button.

  • Log into Lever. 
  • Review list of requested permissions. Click Accept

Lever authorize app modal with list of permissions and blue accept button.

How to configure the integration:

Configure Webhooks

Configure the webhooks to automatically push candidate stage change events from Lever to LeetCode upon moving the opportunity to the the designated trigger stage. 

  • In Lever, go to Settings > Integrations and API > Webhooks
  • Click + Add webhook under the "Candidate Stage Change" webhook toggle.
  • Copy the signature token. 


  • Open LeetCode and navigate to the previous integration settings page. 
  • Paste the signature token from Lever into the corresponding field on LeetCode. 

LEver bind app modal with signature token field outlined.

  • LeetCode will generate a webhook URL. Copy this webhook URL and return to Lever. 

Lever bind app modal with copy webhook URL link outlined.

  • Navigate back to the Webhooks tab in Lever. 
  • Paste the LeetCode webhook URL into the URL field beneath the "Candidate Stage Change" toggle on Lever (this should be the same tile from which you first coped the Lever signature token). 
  • Toggle the "Candidate Stage Change" toggle to the on (blue) position to enable the webhook. 

Select Trigger Stages

  • On LeetCode, select the stage from which the event will be pushed from Lever to LeetCode and trigger corresponding actions. 

For example, whenever an opportunity is moved into the selected stage in Lever (e.g. "Phone Screen"), a LeetCode interview create link will be added to the opportunity in Lever. 

Lever bind app modal with interview trigger stage outlined.

  • Click the Confirm button to finish the configuration. 

You are all set!

How to use the integration:

Before inviting candidates to a LeetCode assessment, you'll need to add a "LeetCode" tag (case insensitive) to a job in Lever. All candidates applying to the job will inherit the "LeetCode" tag. 

Lever candidate profile with LeetCode tag outlined.

Use LeetCode Interview

Step 1. Create a creation link

  • On Lever, open the candidate opportunity. 
  • Move the opportunity to the designated trigger stage defined during your integration setup process (e.g. "On-Site Interview"). 

Lever candidate profile with stage selected from stage dropdown menu.

  • When a candidate is transferred to the trigger stage, LeetCode will generate a creation link for them. 
  • The link will be listed on the opportunity (see right-hand side). 
  • Click on the link to create an interview in LeetCode. 

Lever candidate profile with stage selected from stage dropdown menu.

Step 2. Create an interview in LeetCode

  • Once you click the creation link, you will be sent to LeetCode where you can create a LeetCode online interview. 
  • LeetCode will automatically create a new interview when the creation link is visited for the first time. 

LeetCode platform showing new interviewer modal.

  • Copy the interview links and paste the links to a separate email to invite candidates. 

LeetCode platform with new interview modal and host interviewer link copy button outlined.

  • Additionally, you may also manually schedule an interview via Lever by pasting the interview links into a Lever invitation. 

Level email editor with LeetCode links outlined.


Use LeetCode Assessment

Step 1. Prepare Assessments in Advance on LeetCode

Before sending an assessment to a candidate, you'll need to set up assessments in LeetCode in advance.

  • Access the assessment setup by clicking on the creation link on the Lever opportunity. 
  • Click the Scheduled button to create a scheduled assessment in LeetCode. 

Please reach out to LeetCode Customer Support at support@lingkou.com for more information. 

LeetCode platform showing list of schedule postings.


Step 2. Get a Creation Link

  • On Lever, open the opportunity on Lever and move the candidate to the designated trigger stage. If the candidate is in a non-trigger stage, you can transfer the candidate to the designated trigger stage. 

Lever candidate profile with stage selected from dropdown menu

  • LeetCode will generate a creation link and add it to the opportunity. 
  • Click on the link to create an assessment in LeetCode. 

LEver candidate profile with LeetCode link in side menu outlined.

Step 3. Select an assessment for the candidate in LeetCode

  • You'll be taken to LeetCode. Select an assessment of your choice and copy the assessment link to your clipboard. 

LeetCode platform with add candidate to assessment page.

LeetCode platform with add candidate to assessment page.

  • Paste the assessment link to a separate email and send an invitation to the candidate. 

Lever candidate profile with LeetCode link outlined.

Lever email editor with invitation link outlined.

Step 4. Assessment Results

Once your candidate completes the LeetCode assessment, a note will be added to the opportunity with a link to the result. 

Lever candidate profile with LeetCode update in history section.

How to disable the integration:

1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever.

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab, locate the LeetCode Enterprise app.

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration.

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