Enabling and using the ishield.ai integration

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ishield.ai is an AI assistant for inclusive brand communications.

The ishield.ai integration empowers your team to create inclusive job postings. Using our chrome extension, we surface learning moments for the creator to create job posts free of gender bias, ageism, race bias and ableist language right in your Lever platform.

The ishield.ai integration provides the following features:

  1. Detect Gender, Age, Race and Ableist coded language.
  2. Highlight the issues in the content and provide an explanation.
  3. Provide recommendations to fix the issues to create inclusive job postings. 
  4. Provide insights and metrics on trends overtime.

Readers of this article will learn the following: 

Setup the integration:

Note: Access role must be Super Admin in Lever to set up the integration.

Step 1: Connecting the integration

1. Register with the email ID you use to login to Lever. This registration is only required once and should be done by a Super Admin of your Lever ATS account.

ishield.ai and Lever sign up page showing list of permissions and get started button.

2. As a next step, you will be directed to authorize this integration for your Lever ATS account. Click Accept.

Lever authorize app modal with list of permissions and blue accept button.

3. Done. You will now be directed to the chrome store to install and use this plugin with your Lever ATS.

ishield.ai and Lever integration success message.


Step 2: Install the ishield.ai Chrome extension

Click on the Add to Chrome Store button. That is it. The plugin will be installed on your browser.

How to use the integration:

1. Navigate to the Job postings dashboard on Lever.

Lever job listings page.

2. Create or edit job descriptions and click on the Analyze button on the ishield.ai screener popup to the right side of the screen. This will analyze the job description for biases.

ishield.ai platform with job posting editor.

3. View bias results and recommendations. The phrases where the issues have been found are highlighted in the text and also are listed in the screener popup.

ishield.ai platform with job posting editor with text feedback prompts.

4. Use recommendations. Click on each issue to copy the recommendation (if desired) and replace by pasting the text into the textbox on Lever.

ishield.ai platform with job posting editor with text feedback prompts.

Common troubleshooting tips

When the chrome extension is not clickable and you get the following pop-up:

Chrome extension not clickable pop up.

Click on Manage Extension. You will be taken to the plugin page on the Chrome browser. You will see an “On / Off” toggle.

ishield.ai plugin page with toggle on blue.

Toggle the extension to off and switch it back on again. The extension should start working.

If the chrome plugin still does not work, clear the cache for errors following the below steps:

1. On the Chrome browser, click on Extensions and go to the Extension page (see screenshot below).

2. Do you see a button titled “Errors” on the Bias Detection technology tile? Click the Errors button.

ishield.ai platform with bias detection technology with outline around errors button.

3. Click the Clear All button on the error screen (see screenshot below).

ishield.ai platform errors page with outline around clear all button.

4. Go back to the extension page, by clicking the back arrow button.

5. Refresh the chrome plugin (see screenshot below).

Ishield.ai platform with bias detection technology card with refresh icon outlined.

How to disable the integration:

Send us an email at customercare@ishield.ai to notify us about your request to disable the integration. 

Uninstall the chrome extension from your browser. 

1. On Google Chrome, go to the Extensions page (Chrome > Preferences > Extensions)

2. On the Bias Detection Technology tile, click Remove

Uninstall the app on Lever

1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever.

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab, locate the ishield.ai app.

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration.

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