Enabling and using the Hireguide integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • Manage API credentials and manage integrations
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The Hireguide integration will help you and your team work quickly and seamlessly across both platforms. For Hireguide users with the ATS integration add-on you can: (1) pull open jobs and candidates directly from Lever into Hireguide, and (2) sync interview notes, highlights, and candidate scores into Lever. This article will walk you through the steps to enable the Hireguide + Lever integration. Please note that your Hireguide account must have the ATS integration add-on enabled before proceeding. If this is not enabled in your Hireguide account, you may reach out to support@hireguide.com to request this feature. Once your Hireguide account has been provisioned, you may proceed with enabling the Hireguide integration with Lever.

Setting up the Hireguide integration


You must be a team or organization with owner permissions in Hireguide to install this integration.

Add Lever as an ATS integration 

  • In Hireguide, navigate to Settings > Workspace, and select the 'ATS Integrations' tab; you must have Owner permissions to the workspace in order to make this change
  • Click + Add Integration on the right hand side 

ATS integrations page in Hireguide

  • Enter “Lever” into the search bar (or scroll to find Lever in the list of available Hireguide integrations) and click on the Lever tile

Lever typed in integration search field

  • Click Continue to start the authorization process

Lever integration authorization modal

  • Under 'How would you like to authenticate?', select I want to authenticate through Lever's website. (Recommended)
  • Click Next

Authentication selection menu on Lever authorization modal

  • Under 'Are you connecting a Lever Sandbox or Production Account?', select Lever Production Account
  • Click Submit

Product or Sandbox selection menu on modal

  • Follow the prompt to log in to Lever
  • Review the list of requested permissions; click Accept to authorize the integration
  • You should see a loading screen (“We’re setting up your integration…”) while the integration makes the initial connection; you will receive a connection confirmation once complete (this process can take from two to thirty minutes)

Authorization modal reads 'We're setting up your integration...'

  • Click Continue 

Authorization modal reads 'Connected to Lever'

  • Review the list of requested permissions; click Continue to grant Hireguide access to Lever’s data

Authorization modal with list of requested permissions

  • You will receive confirmation that you are now connected to Lever

Authorization modal reads 'You're connected to Lever' with options to view accessible data and update integration

  • Click Finish to return to your Hireguide settings

Lever listing on ATS Integrations page in Hireguide

Configuring the Hireguide integration

Sync your job postings to Hireguide

  • In Hireguide, navigate to the Positions page (located in the lefthand navigation bar)

Positions page in Hireguide

  • Click Add a Position 
  • Under 'Add a role', type in the role for which you are hiring
    • The role is used to suggest skills and interview content for you.
    • The role will also be used as the default Position name until you either edit it or sync the position with Lever.
  • Under 'Connect to ATS', type in the matching job from Lever and select the associated job.
    • Your Job must already exist in Lever for this to work.
  • Click Next

Position creation fields in Hireguide

  • The Job name in Lever will automatically override the Hireguide Position name. The job posting and the candidates will also be synced from Lever. This can take a few minutes depending on how many candidate opportunities are associated with your Lever Job.
  • You will be able to see when the job was most recently synced with Lever at the top of the selected position screen. Your job is now added to Hireguide as a position.

Managing sync settings for your positions 

Once a position has been added, you will be able to manage sync settings for each of your positions in Hireguide.

  • To access sync settings in Hireguide, click on the button to the right of the Lever sync status bar.

Button outlined in upper right corner of position page in Hireguide

  • From here, you will be able to toggle sync settings to pull in candidates and job details from Lever
    • We recommend enabling ‘Import Job Details’ and ‘Import Applicant Details’ to keep your positions in Hireguide updated.
  • Last sync and sync status can be viewed from this screen
  • If needed, toggle an immediate sync via the Sync Now button

Sync settings page for position in Hireguide

  • Candidates opportunities and job details will now automatically sync with Hireguide
    • You can also use the 'Sync Now' action to force an immediate sync. This is useful if you have just added an opportunity to the Job in Lever and you would like to see the job immediately listed in Hireguide.

Using the Hireguide integration

Adding candidates/opportunities to positions

Adding candidates manually

  • From the position page, click (+) Candidate Interview, then Candidate (+)

Interview round details on positions page in Hireguide

  • Candidates for the position will be pulled in from Lever, and automatically show up in search; these are identified with a ‘(synced with ATS)’ flag

Add Candidate modal

  • Select the candidate you would like to add, and click Save
    • You can type parts of the candidate name to filter the list. Repeat this process for each additional candidate.
  • Your candidate(s) are now added to the interview in Hireguide

Add Candidate modal with candidate name in search field

Adding candidates through calendar sync

  • You can add candidates by locating the appropriate calendar interview event for the job
  • From the position page in Hireguide, click (+) Candidate Interview

Interview round details on positions page in Hireguide

  • Click Set up recording

Interview round details on positions page in Hireguide with set up recording option

  • Select the interview event that includes the candidate you would like to add to this position, or click Create a new interview event
  • Click Next

Calendar event selection page in Hireguide

  • Confirm the roles of the participants from the calendar event, making sure to properly identify the candidate from the drop-down menu
  • Click Next

Calendar event participant list

  • Repeat this process as needed for additional candidates; your candidate(s) are now added to the position in Hireguide

Pushing interview notes and scores to Lever 

After interviews are complete and transcripts have been scored, you will be able to push these notes to Lever from Hireguide.

  • In Hireguide, navigate to the position you want to submit feedback for by clicking on the Positions button on the left-hand navigation bar and then selecting the corresponding position
  • Click the View Transcript (or Score Interview if you have not scored the candidate yet) link for the candidate you want to sync notes for

Interview round details on position page in Hireguide with details for completed interivews

  • If you clicked on View Transcript, the next screen will have an ‘Export Options’ dropdown. Select Export PDF File to ATS then click the Export button to sync your notes to Lever.
    • If you clicked on Score Interview, you will need to compile your notes and click on ‘Submit Scores’ before you can sync your notes to Lever. Once scores are submitted, follow the same instructions as above to export your notes to Lever.

Menu expanded from 'Export PDF File to ATS' field on interview details page

  • Once the Export button is clicked, your notes will be uploaded to Lever. You can find a PDF summary of your notes attached to the candidate opportunity in Lever.

Frequently asked questions

How often does the integration sync Lever data with Hireguide?
Sync frequency varies by data type and your unique company setup. Most commonly, the integration syncs certain types of data (e.g. applicant data) every 30 minutes, but may take up to 2 hours to sync other data types (e.g. job details). You can always trigger a manual sync via the Sync Now button to ensure that you have the latest data.

How long does it take for the integration to sync Lever data with Hireguide?
During the first-time integration setup, it may take 20-30 minutes for all of Lever’s data to sync with Hireguide. After that, changes should be synced within 3 minutes. 

Disabling the Hireguide integration

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Authorized Apps
  • Locate the Hireguide app
  • Click Revoke Access
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