Enabling and using the Hireflow integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• (To use) Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Hireflow is your team’s sourcing sidekick. Hireflow includes AI sourcing, automated email finding and outreach, a candidate CRM, powerful reporting, and a seamless integration with Lever.

Setting up the Hireflow integration


You must be a team or organization with admin rights in Hireflow to install this integration.

Sign up for Hireflow

To sign up for Hireflow, please book a demo. The demo will allow you to assess whether Hireflow is the right solution for your team.

Connect Hireflow to Lever


Lever is a team-wide integration. Once your team’s Super Admin connects Lever and Hireflow, your whole team will be connected.
  • In Hireflow, navigate to the bottom left corner and click on your name

Arrow pointing to user name in lower-left corner of Hireflow Sequences page

  • Select 'Lever' in the dropdown
  • Toggle on 'Use Lever OAuth' to enable OAuth
  • Click Establish Connection

Use Lever Oauth toggle in on position under APIs and Integrations heading

  • Sign in to Lever

Lever login modal

  • Review the list of requested permissions and click Accept

App authorization modal with listed permissions

Install Hireflow Chrome extension

You can find the Hireflow Chrome extension in the Chrome Web Store. If you need any help setting up your Lever integration please reach out to the Hireflow team via chatbot or email: support@hireflow.ai 

Using the Hireflow integration

Check if prospects already exist in Lever

When viewing a prospect in Hireflow, or sourcing on LinkedIn, the Hireflow extension will alert you if a prospect already exists in association with a Lever job posting. In the example below, Zach Taylor already exists in association with one Lever job posting.

Individual's LinkedIn page with Hireflow Chrome extension expanded and arrow pointing to Lever button

Clicking on the Lever icon will take you to the profile tab of the Hireflow Chrome extension, where detailed ATS data is listed. In the following example, Abhinav added Zach to the Associate Product Manager job posting in Lever. Currently, Zach is at the stage 'Phone Screen 1' in Lever.

Individual's LinkedIn page with Hireflow Chrome extension expanded; associated Lever job posting outlined

Automatically add Hireflow prospects to Lever

You can enable Lever auto-add in as many Hireflow projects as you would like. Once enabled, all prospects added to the Hireflow project will be automatically created in Lever under the specified stage (e.g. 'New Lead'), and added to the configured job (e.g. Backend engineer)

Project configuration interface in Hireflow with arrow pointing to Sync prospects with Lever account heading

To connect Lever to an existing project, simply navigate to the 'Edit' tab on the project. 

Edit tab outlined on Backend Engineer project in Hireflow with arrow pointing to Sync prospects with Lever account heading

Automatically move Hireflow prospects in Lever

To automatically move candidates to a subsequent Lever stage when an email is sent or a reply is received on Hireflow, simply enable the setting in your Hireflow sequence settings.

  • Create a new sequence
  • Specify the assigned ATS user and the linked ATS job
  • Enable the toggle switches and specify a Lever stage in the dropdown menus
    • In the example below, prospects will be moved to the 'Reached out' stage in consideration for the Lever backend engineer job once an email is sent. Prospects will also be moved to the 'Responded' stage, if Hireflow detects an email reply.

Sequence configuration interface in Hireflow with arrows pointing to trigger and target stage menus

  • To connect Lever to an existing sequence, simply navigate to the sequence 'Settings' tab.

Adding Hireflow as a source in Lever

Adding Hireflow as a source will allow you to filter and report on candidates sourced from Hireflow in Lever.

  • In Hireflow, click on your name located at the bottom left of the sidebar

Arrow pointing to user name in lower-left corner of Hireflow Sequences page

  • Click Account
  • Locate the Lever section under APIs and integrations and click Edit

Arrow pointing to Edit link on Lever listing on APIs and Integrations page in Hireflow

  • Select 'Hireflow' as your default source in Team Settings; now, all prospects you add to Hireflow will have the source “Hireflow” in Lever

Team Settings field outlined with default source set to Hireflow

How sourced candidates appear in Lever

Refer to the images below for examples of how sourced candidates appear in Lever:

Disabling the Hireflow integration

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Authorized Apps
  • Locate the Hireflow app
  • Click Revoke Access

Alternatively, you can disable the Hireflow integration by emailing support@hireflow.com and asking for the integration to be removed. You must be a team admin or owner in Hireflow to request removal of the Lever integration.

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