Adding and managing notes

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Notes are an effective way to add information and communicate with collaborators directly through a candidate's profile and opportunities.

Adding and deleting notes

Notes are added directly to a candidate’s profile. 

  • At the top of the candidate's profile, start typing in the field labelled 'Add note'
  • If you wish to notify follows of the opportunity of the note that you are adding, select the 'Notify followers' checkbox below the notes field
  • Click the Add note button to save it to the profile

Candidate profile with add note button outlined


Keep in mind that notes appear holistically on a candidate’s profile. If a candidate has more than one opportunity in Lever, notes from all opportunities will be listed in the story on the candidate’s profile in reverse chronological order.

To delete a note:

  • Click the 'Notes' tab at the top of the candidate profile or scroll to the note in the candidate story
  • Hover over the note you want to delete
  • Click the ellipses [...] to the right of the note and select Delete
    • If a candidate has multiple opportunities, you must be viewing opportunity to which the note is associated in order for the ellipses to appear.
  • Click Delete when asked 'Are you sure?'

Candidate profile with elipses and delete buttons outlined


Deleting a note is permanent and cannot be undone.

Adding secret notes

When adding a note to the candidate's profile, you can choose to make that note secret by clicking the toggle in the lower left hand corner of the note creation text box.

The banner that appears will contain a summary of users who can view the note. Keep in mind that users with Interviewer access who are @-mentioned in the note will receive your note via email, but they will not be able to view the candidate’s profile.

note modal with arrow pointing to blue secret toggle

Secret notes are visible to:

  • Users who are @-mentioned in the note
  • Users that have the "secret notes" Sensitive Information Privilege for the posting with which the opportunity is associated
  • Users who have been granted one-off access via the + Add users button in the note banner (see above)

Secret notes are listed in grey on the candidate's profile. Hover over the question mark icon [?] above the note to reveal a summary of who has view access. 

Note on candidate profile with arriw pointing to question mark icon

@-mentioning users in notes

@-mentioning users in notes is an efficient way to communicate with teammates and stakeholders through Lever.

Only users that have been added to Lever can be @-mentioned. To learn more, check out our article on adding and managing users.


Watch this short video on @-mentioning in notes.

To @-mention another Lever user, type the "@" symbol followed by the user's name. A small pop-over will appear, from which you can select the user you wish to mention. Proceed to type your note as you normally would, and click the Add note button.

Note modal showing user tag

How notes appear to @-mentioned users

The @-mentioned user will receive a notification in Lever which they can access by clicking the bell icon next to their avatar.

Lever Inbox with notification for note in which the user was @-mentioned.

The @-mentioned user will also receive an email with note. If the @-mentioned user replies to the email, their response will be added as a comment on the note. From the email, the @-mentioned user can also click to open the candidate's profile in Lever.

Email with note in which recipent was @-mentioned.

@-mentions in secret notes

Notes can be marked as secret by clicking the lock icon beneath the text field.

Note modal blue secret toggle

When a note is marked as secret, only those with the necessary Sensitive Information Privileges will be able to see it. However, users that are @-mentioned in a note will be able to see that note regardless of if they have the necessary Sensitive Information Privileges. 

Adding notes via the Chrome extension

Navigate to a candidate's profile on a website from which you are sourcing, such as LinkedIn and GitHub, and open the Lever Chrome extension. In the candidate's profile, start typing in the 'Notes' field, and click Add note to save. The note will appear in the candidate's profile within the extension. 

Linkedin with lever extension and note field outlined

For information on installing and using the Lever Chrome extension, refer to our help article on adding candidates to Lever via the Chrome extension.

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