Archiving opportunities

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

If you decide not to proceed any further with a candidate, you can archive the opportunity they were being considered for. Employing proper archiving practices will ensure that you can report accurately on why candidates are being removed from your recruitment pipeline as well as allow you to rediscover those candidates for future opportunities.

Archiving an opportunity from a candidate profile

Start by opening the candidate profile. If a candidate is being considered for more than one job, they will have multiple opportunities listed in the upper right of their candidate profile. Make sure that the appropriate opportunity is selected before proceeding.

For example, in the image below the candidate is actively being considered for two roles - an Associate Product Manager role and a UX Designer role. Having decided that Oren would be a better fit for the Associate Product Manager role, the recruiter would like to proceed with archiving the UX Designer opportunity from Oren's candidate profile.

  • Select the desired opportunity.

Candidate profile with arrow pointing to one of two opportunties in the upper right corner.

  • Click the Archive button next to the stage field on the candidate profile.
    • If a candidate has multiple active opportunities, you will be provided with an option to archive those additional opportunities as part of this single archiving action. In this example, the additional opportunity is not selected.
  • Select an archive reason from the menu.

Menu extending from archive button wiht archive reasons listed and archive button.


If you would like to add, remove, rearrange or rename your archive reasons, then you can do so by navigating to Settings > Pipeline and archive reasons > Archive reasons. To learn more, we suggest you check out our help article on archive reason customization. Also note that the "Hired" archive reason cannot be deleted.

  • Click the blue Archive button below the menu to archive the opportunity immediately.

The process is complete and the opportunity will move to the Archive. 

Menu extending from archive button wiht archive reasons listed, send email checkbox, and blue next button.

  • If you wish to send the candidate an email as part of the archiving process, tick the Send email checkbox below the menu and click the Next button.


The email editor will open, allowing you to compose an email to the candidate. Once you have you have composed your email, click the Archive + Send Now button to archive the candidate and send the email. Alternatively, click the Delay Until...button to archive the candidate immediately while holding the email until a specific date or time.

Email editor expanded from archive button.


The next time that you archive an opportunity from a candidate profile, Lever will remember if you previously ticked the Send email checkbox and carry this configuration forward. Lever will even auto-populate the editor with the text of the email that you sent to the last candidate whose opportunity you archived.

Once an opportunity has been archived, it will appear in the candidate profile crossed off on the candidate profile.

Candidate profile with arrow pointing to crossed out opportunity.

The opportunity will now be listed in your pipeline archive under the corresponding archive reason.



Although a candidate profile is listed in your pipeline archive when one of its associated opportunities is archived, if it has multiple active opportunities associated with it, the profile will still be listed in the recruitment pipeline (under stages corresponding to the other active opportunities).


Why do hired candidates appear in my pipeline archive?

Technically, the hiring of a candidate is considered an archive reason, although you do not archive the corresponding opportunity using the process outlined above. Rather, when you move an opportunity to the "Hired" stage, the associated candidate profile will appear in the Hired section of the archive. As a best practice, if a candidate has multiple active opportunities and you move one of those opportunities to "Hired," archive the other opportunities under a reason indicating they are better for another role.

If you wish to temporarily exempt an opportunity from your pipeline activity without fully archiving it, consider snoozing the opportunity instead. Learn more about snoozing opportunities in the following article:

Unarchiving an opportunity from a candidate profile

Start by opening the candidate profile. For candidates with multiple opportunities, be sure you have selected the correct opportunity in the upper-right of their profile.

Next, click Edit on the grey bar listing the archive reason on their profile. In the menu that appears, select Undo Archive. The candidate profile will reappear in your recruitment pipeline at the last stage it had reached prior to being archived.

Menu extending from edit button on archive reason shown on candidate profile. Undo archive option is highlighted on hover in menu.


You can use the additional options in the edit menu to backdate an archive, change the archive reason, or generate a new opportunity for the candidate.

Archiving and unarchiving opportunities in bulk

Bulk archiving actions can be taken from the candidate pipeline view in Lever.

Archiving opportunities in bulk

Opportunities can be archived in bulk from the Lead, Applicant or Interview sections of the pipeline. To archive more than one candidate at a time, start by ticking the corresponding checkboxes next to the names of the candidates whose opportunities you wish to archive. Click the Archive button that appears above the candidate list.

Application section of candidate pipeline. with four candidates checked off. Arrow points to Archive button above candidate list.


Expedite bulk actions by applying the filters listed to the left of the pipeline and then ticking the checkbox above the candidate list. This will select all of the candidates in the filtered list, to which you can then apply bulk actions.

If you have selected candidates with opportunities associated with different jobs, you will have the option to choose which of the specific opportunities you wish to archive or to archive all of the selected opportunities. As when archiving an opportunity from the candidate profile, you also have the option to compose an email to the affected candidates while bulk archiving their opportunities by ticking the Send email to candidates? checkbox.

Archive job opportunities modal with archive reasons selected and send email to candidates checkbox ticked.

Note that you can exempt candidates that have other active opportunities from receiving the email by ticking the checkbox above the email editor.

Same modal as previous image progressed to next screen with email editor and arrow pointing to checkbox to indicate candidates with other active opportunities should be exempt from receiving the email.

To learn more about bulk archiving opportunities, refer to the following support article:

Unarchiving candidates in bulk

To unarchive candidates in bulk, navigate to the pipeline archive.

  • Tick the checkboxes next to the names of the candidates whose opportunities you wish to unarchive.
  • Click the ˇ button that appears at the top of the candidates list (to the right of the Snooze button).
  • Select Unarchive Opportunities from the menu.

Pipeline archive with two candidates selected. Menu extends from caron button above the candidate listed and arrow points to Unarchive Opportunities option in menu.

The selected candidate profiles will reappear in your recruitment pipeline at the last stage they had reached prior to being archived.

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