Creating and using interview plans

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Create and edit postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

An interview plan consists of a default set of interviewers, interview durations, and feedback forms that are associated with a job posting and pipeline stage. Interview plans are an easy way to save time for your team and increase consistency in your interview processes.

Creating interview plans

When drafting a job posting, the creation of an associated interview plan is the second step in the creation process. Here, you can designate default interviewers, interview durations, and feedback forms for each stage of your pipeline. Determining the interview plan for a posting before you begin accepting applicants will help prepare and align your team to provide the best possible interview experience.

Interview plan tab in posting editor with interview stages listed.

On the interview plan step of the posting creation process, you will be shown each of the interview stages in the Interview section of your pipeline. Defining a default interview plan within each stage allows you to customize your interview process per role, while also promoting efficient and accurate scheduling amongst your team.

To build an interview plan, configure the durations, feedback forms, and/or interviewers for the interviews at each interview stage.  To add interviews to a stage, click the + Add interview button beneath the feedback form and duration menus. We recommend not adding large numbers of interviewers to ensure that when you use the interview plan in the scheduler you can use the availability finder without difficulty.

To remove an interview from an interview plan, simply click the trash can icon (note: you cannot delete interviews that are part of the default for the associated feedback form - see below).

Interviews and feedback forms added next to stage in interview plan


If interviewers do not stay the same between each interview, either save your interview plan without them, or with all possible options. You can always further edit an interview plan when scheduling the interview.

By default, only interview stages will be visible on the interview plan page, but you can always add a default interview plan to non-interview stages by clicking Show all stages at the bottom of the interview plan page.

Arrow pointing to show all stages link in interview plan editor.

After saving your interview plan, you can always edit it at a later date by visiting the posting editor. Simply navigate to the Jobs section in Lever, locate the posting that you would like to update, and click Interview Plan at the top of the posting editor. Only users with access to edit the job posting will be able to edit the interview plan.

When creating a posting, you may notice that some stages already have a feedback form set as a default. This indicates that the feedback form has been set up to be the default for that stage, across all job postings. You can override the pre-selected feedback form for a specific job posting by simply selecting a different feedback form you wish to use and saving your changes. To configure default feedback forms, navigate to Settings > Feedback.

Using interview plans

After creating an interview plan, you will be able to use the plan while scheduling an interview with a candidate. From a candidate profile, click the calendar icon to begin scheduling. Upon opening the scheduler, select the Use Default Schedule button to insert the relevant interview plan. 

Modal in scheduler with arrow pointing to Use Default Schedule button

After inserting the plan, you can make additional changes before continuing to the next step of the interview process.

Saving interview plans from the scheduler

If you are scheduling an interview for a job posting that is not associated with an interview plan, you will have the option to save your scheduled interview(s) as a plan for that posting provided you have edit access for that posting.

Modal extending from schedule button in scheduler with option select to save schedule to the interview plan for the posting.

If you do not save an interview plan, you will be reminded the next time that you are scheduling an interview for a job posting and stage that does not already have an interview plan. If you would rather not see the reminders, you can select No thanks and Don't show me this again. You will still see reminders for other job postings and/or stages that are missing default plans.

In order to update an existing interview plan, you must navigate to the Jobs section of Lever and make changes in the posting editor.

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