Visual Insights: Recently Viewed Dashboards

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • View View Insights reports
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The Recently Viewed Dashboards section of Visual Insights allows you to quickly access dashboards that you have viewed in the last 30 days. Using this historical catalog, you can see which dashboards you view most often and bookmark those that you visit regularly, saving time when searching for key metrics. Note that this functionality only pertains to dashboards viewed in Visual Insights (not legacy reporting). For guidance on how to relocate and bookmark legacy metrics, refer to our help article on transitioning to Visual Insights.

Accessing recently viewed dashboards

To access recently viewed dashboards, click the chevron (>) and click Recently Viewed.

Recently Viewed Dashobards section in Visual Insights; recently viewed button in left-side navigation highlighted on hover.

Each card in the 'Recently Viewed Dashboards' section represents a dashboard that you viewed in Visual Insights within the last 30 days, organized in reverse chronological order (i.e. the dashboard viewed most recently appears first in the sequence). Each card lists the following information about the dashboard:

  • Dashboard title
  • Applied filters
  • Date last viewed
  • Time last viewed

The dashboards that appear in your 'Recently Viewed' catalog are specific to your account. If you view a dashboard multiple times within the same 30 day period, applying different filters with each viewing, each viewing instance will be reflected by a single card in the 'Recently Viewed Dashboards' section. 

Bookmarking recently viewed dashboards

Click Bookmark on a recently viewed dashboard card to bookmark that dashboard (including its applied filters). The bookmarked dashboard will then be accessible via the bookmarks bar when viewing the dashboard. Note, if you have already bookmarked a dashboard that appears in the 'Recently Viewed Dashboards' section, the option to bookmark that dashboard will not appear on the card. For more details on this topic, refer to our help article on bookmarking Visual Insights dashboards.

Close up of recently viewed dashboard card with bookmark title field expanded in pop-over.

Click View on a recently viewed dashboard card to re-open that dashboard with filters applied.

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