Setting up conference rooms for interview scheduling (Google Workspace)

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Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Lever supports the ability for organizations working from Google Workspace to schedule interviews in specific conference rooms. The following steps will walk through how set up conferences rooms in your Google Workspace and how to allow Lever to access those rooms for interview scheduling. 


In order to complete the setup process, you must be a Google Admin in your organization's Google Workspace.

Setting up conference rooms in Google Workspace

Your organization's conference rooms must be set up as Calendar resources in your Google Workspace before they can be accessed by Lever. Refer to the following Google help articles for instructions on how to set up Calendar resources:

Granting Lever access to conference rooms in Google Workspace

Once you have set up conference rooms as Calendar resources, you can grant Lever access to them so they appear as options in the location menu when scheduling interviews. To grant Lever access to your conference rooms:

  • Navigate to your organization's Google Admin console:
  • Navigate to Security > Access and data control > API controls
  • On the App access control tile, ensure that the 'Block all third-party API access' checkbox is unchecked.
  • Click Manage Third-Party App Access

App access control tile with arrow pointing to Manage Third-Party App Access link.

  • In the header of the Configured apps table, open the 'Add app' menu and select OAuth App Name or Client ID

Close up of Configured apps table, with OAuth App Name or Client ID option highlighted in menu extending from Add app in table header.

  • Search for and select "Lever" in the app list

App search list with Lever typed into search field.

  • Select your Client ID

Client ID tile with Client ID selected

  • Under App access, select the 'Trusted' option and click Configure.

App access tile with Trusted option selected

Once you complete this process, Lever will be listed as a verified app with trusted access in the Configured apps table.

Close up of Configured apps table in which Lever is now listed as a verified and trusted app

Your conference rooms will now appear as options in the location menu when scheduling interviews in Lever.

Interview scheduling modal in Lever with conference room option highlighted in location menu.

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