Enabling and using the Zoom integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member, Interviewer
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • Manage API credentials and manage integrations
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Lever's integration with Zoom makes it easy for your team to add Zoom links when scheduling video interviews in Lever. Less time spent scheduling means your team has more time to find and hire the best candidates. Before continuing, note that Lever's integration with Zoom supports users on any commercial Zoom plan, including the Basic plan. However, Zoom's limitations on Basic plan users still apply. Users on the Basic plan can host meetings that are a maximum of 40 minutes if there are three or more people in the meeting. Also note that Lever does not integrate with zoom.gov instances (i.e. Zoom for Government).

Enabling the Zoom integration


The following set-up steps can only be completed by a user with Super Admin privileges in Lever. Also note that this integration cannot be enabled using the 'Pre-approve' functionality in Zoom Marketplace, as that feature can only be used for user-based applications.
  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  • Click the toggle next to the Zoom logo under the Partner integrations heading; the toggle will turn yellow

Close-up yellow Zoom toggle on expanded tile containing buttons to Share Link and Authorize.

  • Authenticate the integration as follows:
    • If you are a Zoom admin
      • Click the Authorize button; you will be directed to the Zoom login page
      • Login to Zoom using the same email address that you use to login to Lever
      • Follow the prompts to authorize the integration

Lever and Zoom authorization page with a summary of information and actions that will be affected by the integration above buttons to Authorize or Decline.

    • If you are NOT a Zoom admin, or use a different email address to log into Zoom
      • Click the Share link button; the link will be copied to your clipboard
      • Share the link with a Zoom admin at your organization and request that they complete the authorization steps


If your organization has multiple Lever instances, take note that multiple Zoom integrations cannot be enabled by the same Zoom admin.

Once the integration has been successfully authenticated, the Zoom toggle will turn blue.

Configuring Zoom host logic

Once you have enabled the Zoom integration, you can configure host logic using the following steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  • Click the Zoom logo under the Partner integrations heading
  • Choose from the Host Selection options:
    • First interviewer: Lever will designate the first interviewer with a valid Zoom account as the Zoom host for the interview. 
    • Provide specific hosts: Lever will allocate meetings round robin with the Zoom accounts that have been entered and verified in the integration settings.
      • Enter the email address associated with the Zoom user that you wish to designate as primary host and click Save. Note: the email that you enter and verify does not need to be associated with a Lever user.
      • Click + Add account and repeat for any additional users in your Zoom account that you wish to include in the round robin.

Active Zoom integration toggle with tile expanded to reveal host selection options. Provide specific hosts option is selected.

For more information on this topic, refer to our help article on understanding Zoom host logic.

Optional setting: Personal Meeting ID

By default, Lever's integration will create Zoom sessions whose security settings and meeting configurations are largely determined by the settings of your overall Zoom account and by the specific Zoom settings of the Zoom user hosting the meeting. At times this can result in undesired behaviors. Specifically, using Zoom's 'Personal Meeting ID' with your Zoom account can result in a common meeting link being used by multiple candidates. If you would like to ensure that all meeting links are unique, and ensure Lever does not use your Zoom hosts' 'Personal Meeting ID' in meeting links, toggle on 'Disable Personal Meeting ID' in your Zoom integration settings. Toggling on this switch will not affect your Zoom account settings or retroactively modify any meetings already created.

Zoom integration in Lever - Personal Meeting ID setting.png

Adding a Zoom link to an interview


Zoom links can only be added to interviews in Lever instances that have been synced with either G Suite or Office 365. This functionality does not work for Lever instances synced with Microsoft Exchange (on-premise).

To schedule an interview with Zoom, begin by opening a scheduling draft. After adding an interviewer to your event, click the Location field to reveal a drop-down menu.

From the menu, select Add Zoom link. A unique meeting link will be generated and added to the event. When generating a link, Lever will attempt to create a link that belongs to the user determined by the hosting logic you've configured in Zoom integration settings. For example, in the image below, the First interviewer option is selected. For the 9:00 AM interview, the generated Zoom link will use April as the host.

Scheduling window with first interview and corresponding option to add Zoom link circled.


If you would like to use the same Zoom for all interview events in a panel, copy-paste the Zoom link into the Location field in the other interview slots. For example, in the image above, the Zoom link generated for the 9:00 AM interview hosted by April could be copied in the Location field for Calvin's 9:30 AM interview and Brynna's 10:00 AM interview.

After adding a Zoom link, you still have the ability to add a physical room to the event. Simply select a room from the same Location drop-down menu. This will book a physical room, and add a Zoom link to the event once you have completed scheduling.


If you have synced Lever with Office 365, Zoom links will not be direct links if a physical room is also listed as a location for the interview. This is due to a limitation with how Office 365 displays locations and conferencing links. To join the Zoom meeting, invitees must copy and paste the URL for the Zoom meeting into their browser.

After you have selected the interviewers and feedback forms - and added Zoom links to your interviews - click the Schedule button to proceed to the next step of the scheduling process. You will see that any interview events to which you have added a Zoom link will have the link appended to the schedule included in your interviewer's calendar events. Click Preview to proceed.

Scheduling window with preview of information to be included on calendar invitations.

Click Send All to send out the calendar event invitation to the designated interviewers (as well as the candidate, if applicable). If you have enabled Zoom links in candidate calendar invites, the calendar event delivered to the candidate will automatically include the Zoom link that they will use to enter their remote interview.

For interviewers, Zoom links that you have added to interviews can be accessed directly from the calendar event. Below you will find examples of what this looks like in G Suite and Office 365:

Google Calendar event details modal.

G Suite

Office 365 event details modal.

Office 365


Enabling Zoom links in candidate calendar invites

To enable the automatic inclusion of Zoom links to calendar invitations sent to candidates:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  • Click the Zoom logo under the Partner integrations heading
  • Click the Include Zoom links toggle

Active Zoom integration toggle with tile expanded to reveal Calendar Invite option with arrow pointing to active Include Zoom links toggle.

If you intend for all Zoom links sent via Lever to be password protected, ensure that the corresponding account setting in Zoom is enabled and locked. Refer to Zoom's help article on changing the settings of a Zoom Room to learn more.

Require password toggle in Zoom accoutn settings.

You can enable Waiting rooms for your Zoom meetings in your Zoom account settings. Zoom will also automatically enable a waiting room for all meetings that are not password protected or do not require user authentication. Also note that the "Join before host" setting will not work when a Waiting Room is enabled. Check out Zoom's help article on Waiting Rooms to learn more.

Waiting Room toggle in Zoom account settings.

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