Getting started with Lever as an Interviewer

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Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

As an interviewer, you play a critical role in helping your organization hire top talent. This article provides an introduction to the workflows you will commonly need to complete as an interviewer in your organization's Lever instance.

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Submitting interview feedback

Lever makes it easy to prepare for interviews and submit interview feedback quickly. When you are scheduled for an interview with a candidate, you will receive a calendar invitation containing a link to the candidate's feedback form and resume. You can access the candidate's feedback form and resume using the following methods:

  • Click the link in the interview calendar event

Interview calendar event; feedback form link is outlined

  • Click the Complete Feedback button next to the corresponding interview in Lever

Interview listing in Lever

  • Click the Complete Feedback button in the interview reminder email

Complete feedback button outlined on interview reminder email.

Complete the interview feedback form, including all required questions as well as the rating for the candidate, and then click the Submit Feedback button at the bottom of the form.

Completed interview feedback form


Working on the go? You can also complete interview feedback on your mobile device. To learn more, refer to our help article viewing interview activity on mobile.

Dismissing feedback reminders

In the event that you did not attend an interview or did not need to submit feedback for a specific interview for which you were scheduled, you can dismiss feedback reminders using the following methods:

  • Click the 'x' to the right of the Complete Feedback button in Lever

Pop up reading 'Dismiss feedback request' extending from x next to Complete Feedback button.

  • Click the Stop reminders and/or the I didn't attend this interview link(s) in the interview reminder email

Stop reminders and I didn't attend this interview links outlined on feedback reminder email

Referring candidates

By referring candidates, you can help your bring top-tier candidates into the top of the talent funnel. In Lever, you can refer candidates directly, as well as generate social media share links for open roles. To learn how to submit and manage referrals, refer to the following help article:

Applying for internal job postings

Your organization may choose to list certain job postings on an internal job board. If so, you will be able to access the list of postings available to employees and fill out an application by clicking the View Job Site button on your Interviews page  in Lever and selecting 'Internal Job Site'.Menu extending from View Job Site button, Internal job site option is outlined.

The Lever platform treats applications from internal candidates differently, to ensure your job hunt is confidential. Only the appropriate members of your recruitment team will be able to see that you have applied to an internal role, and any scheduled interviews will be marked as private by default.

Managing your notifications and avatar image

Stay in the loop while protecting your inbox. To access your notification settings and/or update your avatar image, hover over your avatar in the platform header click on your email address.

Menu extending from avatar icon, user email address outlined.

To learn more about the different types of notification that you can enable/disable, hover over the question mark (?) next to each notification checkbox.

Tooltip extending from question mark next to email notification checkbox

Under the 'Avatar' heading on the account settings page, you can manage your avatar image. For full instructions, refer to the section on 'Updating your account avatar image' in our personal account settings help article.

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