Field mapping between Lever and ADP Workforce Now

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin
Permissions • (To use) Manage profiles and view associated permissions
• (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The Lever integration with ADP Workforce Now allows you to streamline operations by automatically pushing new applicant onboarding records to ADP when candidates are hired in Lever. Available information from Lever’s candidate profile, requisition, offer, and profile form are pre-populated in ADP’s New Hire Wizard, saving time for your team and improving data quality. The field mapping can be done during or after enabling and setting up the Lever-ADP integration.


This integration requires purchasing a connector in the ADP Marketplace. Note that Lever's integration only supports the United States ADP Marketplace. In addition, this integration cannot be used with ADP Workforce Now Next Generation. If you are using ADP Workforce Now Next Generation, the required connector will not be available for purchase in the ADP Marketplace. Refer to our ADP integration setup article for more information.


Note that Lever does not support custom mapping with the ADP integration.

Lever-ADP field mapping charts

The following field mapping charts outline the data fields passed between Lever and ADP Workforce Now via the integration. Please make sure that the fields configured in Lever match the data type and values configured as listed in the chart below.

ADP Integration Form

The ADP integration form is automatically generated in your Lever environment when the integration is enabled. This form can then be attached to a candidate profile and will serve as a data source that the integration will read from when generating the new onboarding record for the candidate in ADP. To learn more, refer to our ADP Workforce Now integration help article.

Lever Field
Lever Data Type
ADP Field
ADP Data Type
ADP Onboarding Experience* dropdown Onboarding Experience dropdown
ADP Onboarding Template* dropdown Onboarding Template dropdown
Office Location* dropdown Location dropdown
Reason for Hire dropdown Reason for Hire dropdown
Anticipated Start Date date Hire Date date
Salutation dropdown Salutation dropdown
First Name text First Name string
Middle Name text Middle Name string
Last Name text Last Name string
Generation Suffix  dropdown  Generation Suffix dropdown
Professional Suffix dropdown  Professional Suffix dropdown
Preferred Name  text Preferred Name  text
Gender dropdown  Gender dropdown
Phone Number text Phone Number text
Address Line 1 text Address Line 1  string 
Address Line 2 text Address Line 2 string 
Address Line 3  text Address Line 3 string 
City  text City  string 
State/Province/Territory  dropdown State/Province/Territory  dropdown
Zip Code  text Postal Code  string
Country Code  dropdown Country  dropdown

*Dropdown options in these fields are synced daily from your ADP instance.

Lever Candidate Profile

Lever Field Lever Data Type ADP Field ADP Data Type
Name* text First Name  string
Name* text Middle Name  string
Name* text Last Name  string
Email text Home Email string
Phone* text Personal Cell integer

*These fields will only be pulled from the candidate profile if they are missing from the ADP Integration Form.

Lever Requisition

Lever Field Lever Field Id Lever Data Type ADP Field ADP Data Type
ADP Job Code* adpjobcode dropdown Job Title dropdown
ADP Employee Type* adpemployeetype dropdown Worker Category dropdown
ADP Business Unit* adpbusinessunit dropdown Business Unit dropdown
ADP Department* adpdepartment dropdown Home Department dropdown
ADP Company Code* adpcompanycode dropdown Payroll Group Code dropdown

*Dropdown options in these fields are synced daily from your ADP instance

Lever Offer

Lever Field
Lever Data Type
ADP Field
ADP Data Type
Type of earnings* dropdown Compensation Type* dropdown
Offered compensation amount text(single line) Regular Pay Rate* decimal
- - Pay Frequency* dropdown
Anticipated start date** date Hire Date date

*Compensation Type, Regular Pay Rate, and Pay Frequency will only be passed if the Type of earnings offer field is one of three values: hour (wage), month (salary), or year (salary). If anything other than these three values are used in the Type of earnings field, only the "Anticipated start date" row in that table will be sent.

**If the 'Anticipated Start Date' field on the ADP integration form has no input or has been removed, the 'Anticipated start date' on the offer will be used.

Lever Webhook

Lever Field
Lever Data Type
ADP Field
ADP Data Type
-* datetime Hire Date date

*This start date will only be retrieved via webhook if it is missing from both the ADP integration form and the offer.

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