Snoozing opportunities

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Snoozing opportunities hides them from view in the pipeline so they can be revisited at a later date. Snoozing opportunities allows you to keep your pipeline visually tidy so you can stay focused on candidates that you are presently working with while hiding those for which you have temporarily suspended engagement.

How snoozing works

When an opportunity is snoozed, it is hidden from view, but retains its location in the pipeline. At the end of the snooze period the opportunity will reappear in the pipeline and the user that snoozed the opportunity will receive an email notification that includes any notes that were added when the snooze was applied.


Time that an opportunity spends in a snoozed state is still counted towards time-based metrics (e.g average time in stage) in charts on Visual Insights dashboards. To learn more about the different types of charts available in Visual Insights, refer to our Visual Insights chart directory.

Snoozing opportunities

Opportunities can be snoozed from both the opportunity profile as well as the opportunity list in the full pipeline view.

Snoozing opportunities from the opportunity profile

To snooze an opportunity from the opportunity profile, click the clock button at the top of the profile and select the length of time for which you wish to snooze the opportunity. Select Custom Time to set a snooze period for a specific duration.

Close up of top of opportunity profile with Snooze button pop-up label revealed on hover.

When the snooze is applied, the stage menu on the opportunity will change color to indicate that the opportunity is snoozed. Opportunities can have their stage changed even when they are in a snoozed state.

Close-up of opportunity profile with arrow pointing to stage menu which reads that the opportunity is snoozed in its stage.

To edit or remove a snooze period, click the clock button on the profile of a snoozed opportunity, and select the desired option. See below for instructions on how to reveal snoozed opportunities in the pipeline.

Snoozing opportunities from the opportunity list

To snooze an opportunity in the opportunity list, select the checkbox next to the opportunity that you wish to snooze and click the Snooze button in the bulk action toolbar at the top of the list.

Opportunity list with one opportunity checkbox selected and arrowing pointing to Snooze button in bulk action toolbar.

Snoozing opportunities using this method is helpful when you need to snooze multiple opportunities for the same length of time. 

To edit or remove a snooze period, open the profile for the snoozed opportunity, click the clock button, and select the desired option. See below for instructions on how to reveal snoozed opportunities in the pipeline.

Viewing snoozed opportunities

To reveal snoozed opportunities in the pipeline, expand the candidate ownership filter menu and click the Snoozed toggle.

Ownership toggle expanded with snoozed toggle in on position

This toggle operates the same as a pipeline filter, in that only opportunities that are snoozed in that stage will be shown in the opportunity list when the toggle is on. Navigate between pipeline sections and stages to see snoozed opportunities in different locations in the pipeline. In the opportunity list, you can see how long each opportunity has remaining in its snooze period.

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