Publishing postings to your internal job site

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member
Users with any role can apply to internally published postings
Permissions • Create and edit postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Publishing job postings internally

Job postings can be configured for external and/or internal distribution via the posting editor. When creating a new posting, distribution options can be found under the 'Job posting distribution' heading.

Posting editor for new posting; Internal job site posting distrubition option selected

If you are attempting to edit the distribution of an existing posting, you will find the distribution options in the menu that expands from the button labelled with its status.

Posting editor for exsiting posting with menu epxanded from posting status button and internal job site distribution option checked.

To publish a posting to your internal job site, simply select the internal distribution option. Note that external and internal distribution options are not mutually exclusive, meaning the same postings can be made to appear on both your external and internal job site.

You can find a tally of all postings grouped by distribution on the Jobs page of your Lever environment.

Posting tallies table on Job page

Viewing postings on your internal job site

To view postings on your internal job site, hover over a posting on the Jobs page and click the hyperlink icon that appears next to its title.

View on internal job site pop up extending from hyperlink icon next to posting title.

Alternatively, click Link above the job description in the posting editor.

Posting editor with spotlight on Link button

You can also view internal postings directly on your internal job site. Users with roles provisioned with the job site management permission can find the URL for their internal job site by navigating to Settings > Job site.

Job site settings page with arrow pointing to internal job site URL

Applying postings on your internal job site

When a member of your organization navigates to the internal job site, they will need to authenticate into Lever. If an authentication cookie is detected (i.e. if they are logged in in their browser), we they will automatically be granted access. Otherwise, they will be prompted to log in.

Lever login screen

If your Lever instance is synced to GSuite or Office 365 and a member of your organization tries to access the internal job site but has not yet been provisioned with a Lever user account, a user profile will automatically be created for them assigned to the role of Interviewer.

Once authenticated, they will see the internal job site, which contains all of the postings distributed internally (including those set to both an internal and external distribution). The internal job site is similar to your external job site, drawing from the same posting descriptions and custom application questions. The ways in which your internal job site differs from your external job site are as follows:

  • The internal job site contains copy indicating it is your organization’s internal job site at the top of the webpage
  • An ‘Internal Only’ badge appears next to job postings that are only published on the internal job site

Internal job site with arrow pointing to Internal Only badge next to one of the listed postings.

  • The Apply Now button is replaced by a Learn More button
  • The posting owner and hiring manager for each job posting are displayed above the job description

Job posting on internal job site with recruiter and hiring manager listed above job description.

When filling out an application on your internal job site, members of your organization will not be able to edit their email address. This restriction ensures that their application is properly linked to their user profile. The name and company fields on the application form will also be auto-populated.

Application form fields; name and company fields filled out; email field contains email address and is greyed out to indicate it cannot be edited.

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