Tracking internal candidates

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

When working with internal candidates, it is important that your recruitment process is sensitive to their existing relationship and experience with your organization. Lever makes it easy to identify candidates that have internal opportunities, so you can tailor your interactions accordingly.

What is an internal candidate?

Given Lever's opportunity-centric design model, candidates themselves are not classified as "internal" but rather their opportunities are. Internal opportunities are classified as such based on their origin. Opportunities are given an 'Internal' origin if they are generated from a candidate's application via an organization's internal job site. To illustrate, consider the following example:

A candidate is sourced and hired for a role as a Revenue Operations Specialist at an organization. A year later, they apply for a System Administrator role via their organization's internal job site. This candidate would have two opportunities in Lever - one for the Revenue Operations Specialist role, and another for the System Administrator role. The System Administrator opportunity would have an 'Internal' origin, since it was generated from the employee's application submitted via the internal job site.

To learn more about how candidate can apply to postings via your internal job site, refer to our internal job site help article.


An opportunity's origin can be edited post-creation. If an opportunity's origin is changed to 'Internal' after it has been created, the label and email logic will still work as described below.

Identifying internal candidates

In addition to being listed with an 'Internal' origin, internal opportunities are labelled as such next to the opportunity name on both the candidate profile as well as in the opportunity list.

'Internal' labels on candidate profile

'Internal' label in opportunity list

When emailing a candidate in association with an internal opportunity, a banner will appear in the email composition window, reminding the author that they are writing an email to an internal candidate.

Email composition window with internal candidate banner

When an employee applies to a posting via their organization's internal job site, their Lever user profile will automatically be linked to their candidate profile (if it was not already linked). To learn more about linking user and candidate profiles, refer to our help article on adding and managing users.

To filter your pipeline for internal opportunities, use the 'Origin' filter in the advanced filters modal.

Advanced filters modal with Internal input to origin filter field

Close up up candidate pipeline with Internal origin filter applied

Visual Insights dashboards can also be filtered by origin, to report on metrics related to internal candidates.

Pipeline dashboard in Visual Insights filtered for opportunities with an internal origin.

Manually adding internal opportunities to existing candidate profiles
If an internal candidate is being considered for a role separate from an application via your organization's internal job site, it is best practice to add a new opportunity to their existing candidate profile (rather than unarchiving their old opportunity or deleting their old opportunity and creating a new profile from scratch) in order to ensure good data hygiene. To manually add an internal opportunity to an existing candidate profile:

  • Navigate to the Archive and open the candidate's most recent hired opportunity
  • Hover over the opportunity title, click the ellipses (⋯) button, and select Consider for a new job

Hired candidate profile with menu extending from ellipses button next to opportunity title and arrow pointing to consider for another job option.

  • Select a job for which to consider the candidate from the list of open postings and click the Create opportunity button
    • At this point, you can choose to copy information such as resumes, files, and tags, from the old opportunity to the new one.
  • On the newly created opportunity, change the origin to 'Internal'

Close up of opportunity profile with arrow pointing to origin menu, which is set to internal.

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