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The Compliance dashboard provides you with visibility into the volume and status of data requests submitted by candidates. The Compliance dashboard is useful for making sure your team is actioning data requests in a timely manner. As you are reading, refer to our LeverTRM Glossary for definitions of the key terms and concepts used in this article.

Accessing the Compliance dashboard

To access the Compliance dashboard:

  • Navigate to Visual Insights via the platform header

Close up of platform header with Visual Insights tab selected.

  • Click the chevron (>) on the left side of the page
  • Click Dashboards and select Compliance from the expanded menu

Types of data requests

Under GDPR and data compliance, candidates have the right to make requests pertaining to any data you have obtained from them through Lever. If you have set up GDPR or data compliance for your LeverTRM environment, candidates can make data requests via the consent link (or unsubscribe link for organizations relying on legitimate interest) that they receive as part their application process.  There are three types of data requests that a candidate can make:

  • Access  - a request to receive a copy of all of their personal information associated with your LeverTRM instance
  • Rectification - a request to change their personal information in your LeverTRM instance
  • Erasure - a request to remove all of their personal information from your LeverTRM instance and cease all contact about jobs

Check out our help article on data requests to learn more.

Data requests table

This table is designed to allow you to see which data requests have been open the longest so you can prioritize their closure accordingly. You can also use this table to review exactly when data requests have been opened and closed, as well as which users in your LeverTRM environment were/are responsible for actioning them.

Note that the contents of the table are sensitive to the values in the filters at the top of the dashboard. Data requests associated with confidential job postings are excluded from this table. You can export the data from the table by hovering over the top-right corner, clicking the ⠇icon, and selecting Download data. 


Once you have selected or input values to the filters, you must click the ⟳ button to apply the filters to the data on the dashboard. It may take a few seconds for the dashboard to refresh with your applied filters. For a more detailed description of how filters work in Visual Insights, refer to our help article on dashboard filters.

Data requets table

The table shows details on data requests that were opened within the date range. If a data request was closed within the date range but opened before the date range, it will not appear in the table. The details listed for each data request are as follows:

  • Candidate name
  • Data request type
  • Status (open or closed)
  • Days open
  • Date opened
  • Request assignee
  • Request closed by
  • Date closed
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