Enabling and using the Paylocity integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• (To set up) Manage form settings
• (To use) Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise


Lever's Paylocity integration requires the involvement of both the Paylocity and Lever teams. If you are interested in using this integration, contact Lever support via the Support Request Form as well as your Paylocity representative.

As an official Paylocity partner, Lever makes it easy to seamlessly push hired candidate information to your Paylocity instance, streamlining your HR process and minimizing the amount of time spent on manual data entry. When a candidate is archived as 'Hired' in Lever, the one-way new hire sync initiates, passing candidate information to a new onboarding record in Paylocity.

Setting up the 'Paylocity Onboarding' form in Lever

Before enabling the integration, you should first set up a 'Paylocity Onboarding' form in your Lever environment. This form will be attached by recruiters to the profiles of candidates whose information is to be passed to Paylocity. When a candidate is archived as 'Hired,' Lever will pass the information on the candidate profile form to a new onboarding record for that candidate in Paylocity. To set up the form:

  • Navigate to Settings > Forms and click the New Form button
    • Note that forms can only be created by users with Super Admin access or a custom role that has been provisioned with permission to create forms.
  • Title the form "Paylocity Onboarding"
  • Add the following questions to the form (question type specified in the parentheses):
    • Paylocity User Name (text single line)
    • Paylocity Instance (dropdown)
      • The name of the Paylocity Instance that is input to this field must be an exact match to the name (or one of the names, if you have multiple Paylocity instances) you provide to Lever Support when they are enabling the integration. This is because the instance name(s) is/are mapped to Paylocity Company ID(s), to ensure that candidate information is passed to the correct instance. To mitigate the risk of misspelling, we advise setting up this question as a dropdown question type (even if you only have one Paylocity instance) so that the member of your team filling out the form can simply select the appropriate instance instead of manually typing it out.
    • First Name (text single line)
    • Last Name (text single line)
    • Address 1 (text single line)
    • Address 2 (text single line)
    • City (text single line)
    • State (text single line)
    • Zip (text single line)
    • Start Date (date)
  • Click the Save Changes button in the upper-right corner of the form editor

The following is an example of how to set up a 'Paylocity Onboarding' form in the form editor.

Example of a 'Paylocity Onboarding' form template
Paylocity Onboarding form template

Once created, the form can be attached to candidate profiles. To learn how to do this, refer to our help article on configuring and using forms

Completed Paylocity Onboarding form on candidate profile

In order for the information to pass successfully to the Paylocity onboarding record:

  • First, attach the 'Paylocity Onboarding' to a candidate's profile with all required fields filled out.
  • Then, update the candidate's opportunity to'Hired' in Lever.

You will read more about this process in the 'Using the Paylocity integration' section of this article below.

Secondary source field mapping

When passing information to Paylocity, Lever will look to the 'Paylocity Onboarding' form as the primary source of candidate information. If one of the pieces of information listed above is absent from the form (or the form is missing from the candidate profile altogether), Lever will look to matching custom fields on the candidate's offer form as a secondary source of information. In order to pass information from the offer form as a secondary source, the offer form must contain custom fields matching those listed above for the 'Paylocity Onboarding' form. To learn how to add custom fields to an offer form, refer to our help article on creating and managing offer forms. To learn more about the order in which Lever looks different sources when passing information to Paylocity, refer to our Paylocity field mapping article.

Enabling the Paylocity integration

Start by reaching out to our Paylocity representative to request that they enable the Lever integration in your Paylocity instance(s). Once they have enabled the integration, your Paylocity representative will provide you with your Paylocity Company ID(s) - one for each instance. Once you have your Paylocity Company ID(s), proceed with the follow steps in Lever:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API and scroll to the 'HRIS and onboarding' section
  • Click the 'Paylocity' toggle; on expanded integration tile, click the Send Request to Enable button

Paylocioty integration tile with arrow pointing to request to enable button.

  • A member of the Lever Support team will contact you to request the name(s) of your Paylocity instance(s) as well as the associated Paylocity Company ID(s).
    • Note, the name(s) of your Paylocity instance(s) should match the dropdown options you added to the 'Paylocity Instance' question on the 'Paylocity Onboarding' form (see above).
  • Once the member of Lever Support has confirmed that the instance name(s) and Paylocity Company ID(s) have been linked, the integration toggle will turn green to indicate that the integration is active.

Using the Paylocity integration

Once the integration has been enabled, when a candidate's opportunity is marked as 'Hired' in Lever, the Paylocity integration will automatically trigger the creation of a new onboarding record in Paylocity and pass the information from the 'Paylocity Onboarding' form (attached to the candidate profiles) along with the candidate's phone number and email address to the record. Once information transfer is initiated you will see one of two tags on the candidate opportunity in Lever:

  • Paylocity - Successfully Transferred - This tag will be added when the candidate's information has been successfully passed from Lever to their Paylocity onboarding record
  • Paylocity - Failed to Transfer - This tag will be added if the candidate's information failed to pass from Lever to their Paylocity onboarding record

A note will be added to the candidate's opportunity in Lever when their information is either successfully passed or fails to pass to Paylocity as a record of the attempt. If the information failed to pass, the note will specify what caused the failure so you can attempt to correct the error.


One of the fields that can be mapped to Paylocity is 'Paylocity User Name'. Letters, numbers, periods, and underscores are the only characters allowed in this field. Special characters like apostrophes or spaces (which often are present in names) are not supported. If you have questions about which source this is set to map from, please refer to our help article on Paylocity field mapping

Re-attempting to pass candidate information to Paylocity after a failure

If the note indicates a failure to pass information as a result of missing or incompatible information in Lever, you can correct the error and then re-initiate the information transfer by applying a tag with the label 'Paylocity - Retry' to the hired opportunity. Once you apply the tag, the integration will automatically re-attempt to pass information from Lever to Paylocity.

After marking an opportunity as 'Hired,' the tag 'Paylocity - Failed to Transfer' appears on the opportunity. The failure note indicates that the 'Paylocity Instance' field was missing from all sources that the integration looked to when attempting to pass information. You see that 'Paylocity Instance' field has no input on the 'Paylocity Onboarding' form attached to the candidate's profile. You edit the form to input the missing Paylocity instance, save your changes, and then add the tag 'Paylocity - Retry' to the opportunity. The integration immediately re-attempts to pass candidate information to Paylocity. This time, the information transfer is successful, and the tag 'Paylocity - Successfully Transferred' appears on the candidate's opportunity in Lever.

Excluding a candidate from the Paylocity information transfer

When the Paylocity integration is enabled, Lever will by default attempt to pass candidate information to Paylocity for all opportunities once they are marked as 'Hired.' To exempt a candidate's opportunity from the Paylocity information transfer, add a tag with the label 'Paylocity - Skip' to the opportunity.

Hired candidate profile in Lever with Paylocity Skip tag outlined.

How candidate information appears in Paylocity

Refer to the images below for examples of how information that has been passed from Lever appears on a candidate's onboarding record in Paylocity.

Fields outlined on candidate onboarding record in Paylocity

Fields outlined on candidate onboarding record in Paylocity

Disabling the Paylocity integration

To disable the Paylocity integration:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API and scroll to the 'HRIS and onboarding' section
  • Expand the Paylocity integration tile and click Revoke

Arrow pointing to Revoke link on Paylocity integration tile in Lever

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