Connecting a candidate's LinkedIn profile to their Lever profile

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise


Lever's integration with LinkedIn Recruiter requires that you have either LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition or LinkedIn Professional Services. To find out if you are are using LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition, log in to LinkedIn Recruiter and and look for the word "Recruiter" next to the logo. The 'Recruiter Lite' edition does not support this integration.

If the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration has been enabled in your Lever environment and your organization has LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition, you will have the ability to view connected candidates' LinkedIn profiles, InMails, and Notes in Lever. To connect a candidate's LinkedIn profile to their profile in Lever, click the + Connect to LinkedIn Recruiter link on the right side of their Lever candidate profile. If you are not already logged in to your LinkedIn Recruiter account when you click the link, you will be prompted to enter your LinkedIn Recruiter login credentials when completing this action.

Close up of arrow pointing to Connect to LinkedIn Recruiter link on candidate profile.

The candidate's name and email must appear on the candidate's profile in order for Lever to look up matching profiles in LinkedIn. If a matching profile is found in LinkedIn, it will be pulled up in the subwindow that appears in Lever. If the returned LinkedIn profile is incorrect, click Not the right profile?.

Matching candidate profile in LinkedIn subwindow, with arrow pointing to Not the right profile? link

If no matching profile is found or you indicate that the returned LinkedIn profile was not a match, a list of closest matching profiles will be pulled up instead.

List of closest matching profiles in LinkedIn subwindow

Once you have selected the matching LinkedIn profile, the link on the candidate profile in Lever will change to read "LinkedIn Recruiter connected."

Close up of arrow pointing to LinkedIn Recruiter connected link on candidate profile.g

Any InMails and LinkedIn Notes from the candidate's LinkedIn profile will be pulled into Lever once the connection is made. InMails can be found under the 'Emails' tab on the candidate's Lever profile, and LinkedIn Notes can found under the 'Notes' tab. Once connected, Lever will continuously check for InMail and Note activity on the candidate's LinkedIn profile, and reflect these items on the candidate's Lever profile. When replying to InMails in Lever, you will be redirected to LinkedIn in order to send new messages.

Close up of an InMail under Emails tab of Lever candidate profile.


Lever will only import InMails and Notes that originate from the LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition account associated with your organization's LinkedIn license. Lever is unable to import InMails and Notes that were generated from a personal LinkedIn account.

If a candidate's Lever profile is mistakenly linked to the incorrect LinkedIn profile, you can disconnect them by hovering over the LinkedIn Recruiter connected link and clicking the trash can button.

Trash can button revealed on hover to the right of LinkedIn Recruiter connected link on Lever candidate profile.


If you find that you are unable to disconnect a candidate's Lever profile from their LinkedIn profile, check to make sure the candidate does not have a duplicate candidate profile in your Lever environment associated with the same email address that is also connected to the LinkedIn profile. If this is the case, we recommend disconnecting or removing the duplicate profile first. Alternatively, you can merge the duplicated profiles and then disconnect the merged profile. To learn more, refer to our help article on merging duplicate candidate profiles.
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