Creating and managing offer forms

Available for Roles Super Admin
Permissions • Manage offer letter templates, fields, and forms
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise
LeverTRM for Enterprise or Advanced HR add-on for custom offer forms

Build an offer creation process that is clear, effective, and efficient by configuring offer forms to suit your team's offers processes. Customizing the offer form allows you to control what fields your team will be prompted to fill out when they begin creating an offer to send to a candidate. To learn about how the offer form is used when drafting and sending offers, refer to our help article on creating offers.

Locating the offer form management interface

Offer forms are managed from your Settings. Navigate to Settings > Offers and select the 'Offer Forms' tab at the top of the page.

Offer Form Settings page

Customizing the default offer form 

The default offer form is automatically configured when your Lever environment is implemented. This offer form will be used for all offers, unless the opportunity or which the offer is being drafted meets the criteria of a custom offer form (see below). The default offer form cannot be deleted. To customize the default offer form, click on the default offer form card on the 'Offer Form' Settings page.

Default offer form card

The default offer form includes the following predefined fields that cannot be removed:

  • Job posting
  • Job title
  • Requisition (if requisitions are enabled)
  • Candidate name
  • Offered compensation amount
  • Compensation currency
  • Type of earnings


For pre-defined fields with a dropdown field type, you will not be able to see the dropdown options for each field in the offer field editor. Options for pre-defined dropdown fields can only be viewed when generating an offer that uses the offer form in which the field appears. Note, this limitation only applies to pre-defined offer fields. Dropdown options for custom offer fields (described below) are displayed in the offer field editor.

Adding fields to the offer form

To add a field to your default offer form, scroll to the bottom of the offer form editor and click the Add field button.

Offer form editor with arrow pointing to Add Field button.

Select from the pre-defined fields commonly used to collect necessary information when drafting an offer. Alternatively, generate a custom offer field by clicking Create new offer field at the bottom of the menu.

Expanded offer form field menu with Create new field option highlighted on hover.

You will be directed to the 'Offer fields' tab within the Offers Settings page. Click the Create New Offer Field button to proceed.

Offer fields page in Offer settings.

You can select from the following field types when creating a custom field:

  • Text - a single line of text input.
  • Text area - a multi-line text input. 
  • Checkbox - a single input checkbox indicating a true or false attribute of a record. 
  • Date - a structured date field where value can be inputted by selecting from a calendar.
  • Currency - a structured value where user can input a numeric currency amount. 
  • Number - This field creates a single input field where only numbers and numeric data entry characters are valid. 
  • User dropdown - This field creates a structured value by providing a dropdown list of users in the account that can be searched and selected from.
  • Dropdown - This field creates a dropdown list, defined by the user, where a single list item can be selected. 

Return to the offer form editor and add the newly created field.

Configuring field settings

Use the checkboxes in each field block to configure the settings for that field.

Close up of settings checkboxes on offer field.

Marking a field as required
If a field is marked as required, it must be filled out by the user drafting the offer before the offer can either be submitted for approval or sent to a candidate. Newly added fields are marked as required by default.

Required re-approval for edits
If a field is configured to require re-approval when edits are made, all approvals in the approval workflow for that offer must be gathered again if the value in the field is revised. If re-approval is not required, changes can be made to the field at any point during the offer process and the approval status will be unaffected.

Re-ordering fields on the offer form

To customize the order in which the offer fields appear during offer creation, hover over the left side of the field, and drag-and-drop it to the desired position. 

Live image of offer fields being reordered in offer form editor

Click the Save Changes button in the upper-right of the editor to apply your customizations.

Creating and managing custom offer forms


Custom offer form creation requires the LeverTRM for Enterprise package and/or the Advanced HR add-on.


If your Lever environment uses an integration to send offer details to an external system via Lever's API (i.e. HRIS integrations), we advise reviewing the integration to scope out how it may be impacted by custom offer forms. Be sure to make any necessary updates to the integration prior to creating custom offer forms.

Custom offer forms will supersede the default offer form for offers  associated with opportunities that meet a specific set of criteria based on department/teams, work types, locations, and/or profile origins. To build a custom offer form, click the Create New Offer Form button.

Offer form settings page with arrow pointing to create new offer form button.

In the offer form editor, define the criteria in which the custom form will be used. You can configure your custom offer form to apply to multiple departments, teams, locations, work types, or origins. When a user initiates offer creation for a candidate, the offer form that appears will be the one for which the associated opportunity most closely matches the custom form criteria. In cases where the same number of criteria match, the matching criteria will be weighted in terms of importance as follows: (1) Location, (2) Team, (3) Department, (4) Origin, (5) Work type

An offer is generated for a candidate being considered for a position on the Client Experience team based in New York. There are two active custom offer forms, with the following criteria:

      • Custom offer form A: Departments/teams - all; Locations - New York, NY; Work types - all; Origins - all
      • Custom offer form B: Departments/teams - Client Experience, all teams; Locations - all; Work types - all; Origins - all

Although the posting against which the offer being generated meets the same number of criteria for both offer forms, offer form B will take precedence because the location criteria has a higher importance than the department criteria.

Offer form editor with department and work type criteria defined.

When creating a custom offer form, the fields that appear in the editor are required for all offers and cannot be removed. To add a field to the custom form, follow the instructions for field addition outlined above. Click the Create Offer Form button in the upper-right corner of the editor to save and activate the custom form.

To edit a custom offer form once it is active, click the custom offer form card on the 'Offer forms' Settings page. Make the necessary changes in the editor and click the Save Changes button.

Close-up of offer form editor with arrow pointing to Save Changes button.

To duplicate or delete a custom offer form, click the ellipses (⋯) on the custom form card and select the desired option. Alternatively, you can duplicate or delete custom forms via the ellipses button in the form editor.

Close-up of custom offer form card with options to duplicate or delete extending from the ellipses.

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