Enabling the DocuSign e-signature integration

Available for Roles Super Admin
Permissions • Manage API credentials and manage integrations
Packages LeverTRM for Enterprise, Advanced Automation add-on

DocuSign empowers businesses of all sizes to easily and securely sign, send, and manage documents in the cloud. Through this partnership, you can configure offer templates, customize offer fields, send offer letters, and request e-signature on essential documents all within Lever. For further reading on how the DocuSign integration can be utilized in Lever, refer to the following help articles: Creating offers, Adding e-signature requests to emails

Enabling the DocuSign integration


Note that for companies working with the FDA, offer letters need to pass Part 11 authorization, which is not supported by Lever. If this applies to your organization, we advise you do not purchase Lever's Advanced Automation add-on for the sole intention of using the DocuSign integration.

Your DocuSign account must be on DocuSign's Business Pro plan or higher in order to use this integration. In addition, your ability to use this integration will be limited by the number of available envelopes that you have in DocuSign.

Lever's DocuSign integration must be authenticated via DocuSign's OAuth flow. If you already have an existing DocuSign integration in your account or are setting it up for the first time, you will need to update the connection to DocuSign. To do so, complete the following steps:

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API and scroll to the 'E-Signature' section
    • If you have an existing connection with DocuSign that was set up prior to May 11 2020, you will see an 'Update Required' label on the integration tile
  • Expand the DocuSign integration tile and click the Connect via DocuSign button
  • The Docusign OAuth flow will be initiated, which will require you to authenticate and then authorize integration permissions
    • Documents sent out from your DocuSign account will all be sent under the name of the DocuSign user who authorizes the integration
  • After authenticating and authorizing the integration, you will be routed back to the Integrations and API settings page in Lever; an 'Integration authenticated' banner will appear on the DocuSign integration tile, and the integration toggle will appear blue to indicate that integration has been successfully set up

DocuSign integration tile in Lever

Attaching the certificate of completion to the offer letter envelope


In order to use this feature, you must first enable the 'Include certificate' feature in DocuSign. To learn how to enable this feature, refer to DocuSign's help article on retrieving the certificate of completion

Complete the following steps to configure your organization's DocuSign account so that the certificate of completion is attached to offer letter envelopes:

  • Log in to DocuSign
  • Click Settings
  • Under 'Signing and Sending' click Signing Settings
  • Under 'Envelope Delivery' select the 'Attach the Certificate of Completion to the Envelope PDF' checkbox
  • Click Save

If this setting does not appear in your DocuSign account, please contact DocuSign support.

Resetting and restoring the DocuSign integration

If you are experiencing 'Invalid grant' or errors indicating authorization failures in using your DocuSign integration, you may need to reset and re-authorize your DocuSign integration. These errors can occur when changes made on your DocuSign account, such as configurations or user permissions, cause your integration's authorization to become invalid.

To verify if your integration may need to be reset,

  • Navigate to Lever Settings > Integrations and API and locate the DocuSign integration
  • Click to expand the DocuSign toggle window

If your DocuSign integration is experiencing authorization errors, you will see a button labeled 'Reset Authorization'.

Lever_Settings showing docusign section with arrow pointing to reset authorization button

Click this button to remove the previous authorization details stored in your Lever account and allow you to proceed with re-authorizing the integration following the same steps described when enabling the integration for the first time.


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