Sensitive Information Privileges

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be configured by Super Admins, or Admins with necessary permissions
Permissions • View, edit, and create users in settings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Sensitive Information Privileges (SIP) allow for granular control over who has access to the most sensitive hiring data in your Lever environment. Sensitive Information Privileges can be granted to users with Admin, Team Member or Limited Team Member access, and can be scoped to candidates associated with specific job postings or posting characteristics such as department, team, and location.

What information is considered 'Sensitive Information'?

The following information is considered sensitive and is hidden from those that do not have the necessary Sensitive Information Privileges:

  • Notes marked as secret
  • Forms marked as secret
  • Emails marked as secret
  • Files marked as secret
  • Application questions marked as secret
  • Offers
  • Hired candidate profiles

In addition, the following job posting fields cannot be edited without the necessary SIP:

  • Department/team
  • Location
  • Owner
  • Hiring manager

Granting Sensitive Information Privileges

Super Admins have access to all sensitive information in their Lever environment. Users assigned to an access role configured with the 'View profiles and associated job postings' permission can have Sensitive Information Privileges granted to them on an individual basis for one or more of the sensitive information types listed above. To grant or modify a user's Sensitive Information Privileges:

  • Navigate to Settings > Users
  • Select the user for which you wish to grant or modify Sensitive Information Privileges.
  • In the user profile editor, click the 'Access' tab and scroll to the 'Additional permissions' heading
  • Click the 'Sensitive Information Privileges' toggle.
    • If the user has already been granted SIP, the toggle will be in the 'on' position.

Close up of user profile editor with Access tab selected and Sensitive Information Privilege toggle in on position.

  • Select the checkboxes next to the types of sensitive information for which you wish the user to have access.
    • If the user has already been granted SIP, select or de-select checkboxes to modify their privileges.
  • Select the department(s)/team(s) for which you wish the SIP to apply.
    • The user will have the ability to see the selected types of sensitive information on opportunities connected to postings associated with the designated department(s)/team(s).
  • Select the location(s) for which you wish the SIP to apply.
    • The user will have the ability to see the selected types of sensitive information on opportunities connected to postings associated with the designated location(s).
  • Use the buttons below the department/team and location fields to add department/team, location, and/or posting restrictions as needed.

Close up of sensitive information type list in user editor with some information types selected and department, team, and location defined.

  • Click the Save Changes button at the top of the editor. The department/team and location fields must have an input in order to be able to save the changes.

If you are configuring Sensitive Information Privileges for a user with a role provisioned with the 'View, edit, and create users in settings' permission, you can give that user the ability to grant SIP to other users in your Lever environment by moving the 'Change other users' Sensitive Information Privileges' toggle to the 'on' position.

Frequently asked questions

Can I grant a specific user one-off access to an individual piece of sensitive information?

One-off access can be granted for the following types of sensitive information:

  • Notes marked as secret
  • Feedback marked as secret
  • Forms marked as secret
  • Offers
Who can access hired candidate profiles beyond those with the necessary SIP?
  • Super Admins
  • The owner of the posting associated with the hired opportunity
  • The hiring manager listed on the posting associated with the hired opportunity
How do Sensitive Information Privileges work with confidential postings?
A user must both be included on the access list of the confidential posting and have the necessary SIP in order to view sensitive information on an opportunity associated with a confidential posting. For example, if a user with SIP to view all secret notes is tagged in a secret note attached to an opportunity that is associated with a confidential posting, the tagged user would note be made aware of the note nor would they be able to view it until they were also added to the access list on the confidential posting.
Why can I not view some secret notes even though I have Sensitive Information Privileges?
Sensitive Information Privileges can only confer the ability to view secret notes attached to active (i.e. non-archived) opportunities. In all cases, secret notes attached to archived opportunities can only be viewed by the note author and users with Super Admin access.
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