Troubleshooting issues with the BambooHR integration


Lever's integration with BambooHR allows you to easily push data for hired candidates from LeverTRM into your BambooHR instance. This article contains troubleshooting steps for issues that users commonly encounter when using the BambooHR integration. Before consulting these steps, you may wish to refer to the following articles to ensure that you have set up the integration correctly and understand how data fields from Lever are mapped to BambooHR:

Troubleshooting Steps

If you find that information for hired candidates is not syncing from Lever to BambooHR, run through the following steps to determine the potential cause:

Check for trailing spaces following a candidate's name

If you are presented with a "missing name" error when syncing a candidate from Lever to BambooHR, check the candidate name fields on the candidate profile, offer form and candidate profile form in Lever for any trailing spaces. You can do this by clicking into the name field with your cursor and tapping the right arrow key. Any trailing spaces in a candidate's name field(s) will cause a failure to sync to BambooHR.

Example of a trailing space in a candidate profile.


"Candidate profile form" refers to a form that is filled out and attached to a candidate's profile. Forms can be drafted and attached to record specific information related to a candidate. This is different from the candidate profile itself, which is refers to the collection of generic candidate information (name, contact information, opportunities record, etc). Click here to learn more about forms.

Check for candidates with an "Internal" origin

When your BambooHR integration was set-up, it is possible that the syncing trigger for candidates with an "Internal" origin was disabled. This is typically done on the presumption that internal candidates already have a BambooHR profile and therefore should not be duplicated. If this is the case, candidates with an "Internal" origin will not be synced to BambooHR when archived as "Hired" in Lever.

To check the syncing triggers, navigate to Settings and select the Integrations and API section from the menu on the left of the screen. Select the Webhooks tab at the top of the page, scroll to the webhook corresponding to your BambooHR integration, and click to expand the tile. Review the trigger checkboxes for any unchecked origins.

Webhook tile with Internal origin checkbox unchecked.

Check for mismatched fields in Lever and BambooHR

Inputs for the following fields need to match exactly in both Lever and your BambooHR instance:

Lever Field BambooHR Field
Job Title Job Title
Location Location
Department Division
Work Type Employment Status


Pay close attention to capitalization and the use of special characters in these fields, as they also must match exactly. For example, if a job location is listed as "Omaha, Nebraska - Regional Office" in Lever, but listed as "Omaha, Nebraska Regional Office" in BambooHR, the fields will not map correctly when a candidate is synced.

Mismatched fields will normally only result in the failure to transfer information in that specific field. However, in some cases, fields in BambooHR may be part of a table governed by logic that will cause an entire row of the table to fail to populate if a single field within that row is missing.


Avoid turning the BambooHR integration toggle on and off as a way to resolve potential issues. In general, flipping this toggle fails to resolve issues and requires our Support team to generate a new API key for the integration; an additional step that can slow the resolution of the issue.
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